Thursday, 4 February 2010

For the Single Ladies - Emotions...

Task # 4 for the Single Ladies

When you hear the words “man of God,” what’s the first image that comes to your mind?

Dress Shirt, tie, microphone in hand and preaching on the altar?

Not necessarily…

A man of God is not characterized by his clothing or because he is on the altar.

After my conversion I remember being very clear about what I wanted… To marry a man of God.

When I decided to give Junior an ultimatum (he was my boyfriend at the time) it was because that vision already existed inside of me. I didn’t let my emotions get in the way, for I knew what I wanted and I fought for it.

Gradually he began to change; it was wonderful to see his transformation right before my eyes. It was as if God was molding him for me…But I waited, I observed his actions, his character, his faith and it was only a year after his conversion that we decided to marry.

He wasn’t a pastor at the time, but he was already a man of God, fearful of the Lord and a man of character. I made sure to verify this and I still see it to this day.

You see my friends, I wanted to bring this subject up because I’ve received loads of e-mails from young ladies that claim to be in love with a pastor without having even spoken to them!

All they’ve done is observe them from afar.

How can you let yourself be taken away by your emotions like that?! How can you say that you love someone you don’t even know?!

The fact that they’re assistants or even pastors, doesn’t guarantee that they are truly of God! Many women have fallen in that trap, don’t become another statistic!!

You have to get to know his character, pay attention to the words he speaks and what interests him! You need to be certain that he is really fearful and loyal to God! You must be certain that he is indeed a man of God!

There’s more, if he has vision he will undoubtedly do the same with you!

I see such great haste to “solve” the love life issue and many women don’t even think about taking these steps. They are ready to hand over their lives and futures to someone they don’t even know…

Task #4

“From now on you must keep your emotions regarding your sentimental life, in check. Don’t let yourself be carried away over a simple glance...

If you’re already dating, you will begin to observe your partner until you’re certain that he is a man of God and emotions are not allowed! If you have to take action and end the relationship because you don’t see God’s character in him, don’t think twice and don’t be afraid. If you choose to fight for him, do it in faith, knowing that he has his flaws.

If you’re not dating, be aware of the steps you will need to take when the time comes.

Once again I repeat, don’t allow yourselves to be carried away by your emotions…”


  1. to be honest miss nanda..alot of the girls take decisions based on emotions...most of the women i also did about two years ago...thank u for this it realy helps me step by step! i love this!it helps me to prepare for my future husband!thanx.collene.

  2. That is something that we need to understand not because we see a man on the alter as a assistants or even pastors, it does mean that they are truly a man of God, so we have to actually know the person, i remember reading Mrs Cristiane Cardoso's blog and she was saying that she pull for her husban file just as her mom did with her dad, but now a days we dont even bother look to see if the person is a man of God never mine pulling for files. Thank You!

  3. Yes we need to understand that we can't base our decisions by just looking at a man, we can't rely on just emotions. I like this a lot. It helps me understand.

  4. Hey Mrs. Nanda(:
    That’s true. A shirt, tie, and microphone don’t make a man of God. His character is what tells us who he is. Thank you for this advice. When the time comes for me to start looking I’ll make sure to observe him first and not let my emotions get the best of me.
    Thank you!(:
    Alcy Gomez

  5. Ooo I like this alot Mrs Nanda,
    you cant tell a man of God because of the way they look, because looks can be very deceiving.
    Now i know what to do before i think about jumping into any relationship.
    Thanks xx

  6. “From now on you must keep your emotions regarding your sentimental life, in check. Don’t let yourself be carried away over a simple glance...
    don’t allow yourselves to be carried away by your emotions…”
    This is very true,because i already experienced it before just because of my emotions i feel that i thought it was love; but it gives much disappointing for me..i let a man to enter in my life that i don't know him at all.And now i learned from it..
    Thanks for this advice Mrs Nanda :)

  7. thank you for the advice mrs.nanda i learned a lot :)


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