Friday, 12 February 2010

For the Single Ladies - Baggage

Task #8 for the Single Ladies

If there is one annoying thing to do when traveling, it’s preparing our luggage.

We must think of everything up till the last detail and not forget anything. Not to mention the hassle of having to drag your luggage up and down the airport all the way to the check-in counter and upon arriving to the destination, having to do it all over again.

Did you know that there’s such a thing as a sentimental baggage?

When a relationship ends, we also pack our bags.

It’s a different kind of luggage, we don’t place clothing inside; instead we pack our feelings….

If he hurt you, you pack it in your baggage, if he betrayed you, it goes in the baggage and if he didn’t show you consideration, you place it in the baggage….

You leave that relationship and carry your luggage up and down until you start a new one, which is when you take the luggage and open it up!

You take out all of the feelings that were packed up in the luggage and introduce them to your new relationship… If your ex hurt you, betrayed you, showed lack of consideration you assume that your new partner will do the same. You believe he will demonstrate the same sort of behavior and do you know what will happen?

You will begin to take actions that will lead your new partner to behave in the exact same manner you were afraid of.

Remember when Job said “For the thing which I fear cometh upon me, and that which I am afraid of cometh unto me”? That’s right!

You are tired of knowing that if a person disappointed you, it doesn’t mean that another will do the same (that’s why it’s so important to get to know the person’s character), yet these feelings infiltrate themselves within you in such a manner that you only realize they are there through your own actions.

Task #8

“Analyze your actions and check if you are carrying around this baggage. Make use of your faith to free you from these feelings of insecurity that can be so destructive. A good exercise would be to take actions that contradict what you would normally do, go against these insecurities.”

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