Wednesday, 10 February 2010

For the Single Ladies - Self Confidence

Task #6 for the Single Ladies

So you are dating and your whole life revolves around your relationship.

You don’t call your friends or even try to fit them in your schedule because your world has reduced itself to this relationship.

You practically stop living your life, you stop evolving because everything is about him.

You’re only dating but you give yourself in such a way that you become needy, insecure and many times you cling to him.

You call him all the time, you want to know where he was and who he was with, who he looked at, in short you want to control his life in all ways…

This attitude in many women will surely lead to a failed relationship…

And worse still, when the relationship does indeed end you are left feeling alone, lost and with your self-esteem shattered.

Dear single friends, entering a relationship is very serious but that doesn’t imply that your life has to stop or revolve entirely around that person.

I don’t know of any man that admires an insecure and clingy woman. Actions like the ones mentioned above demonstrate just that.

Task #6

“The best way to change this scenario is to get busy! Your life must go on, don’t annul yourself. Keep caring for your friends and family. Find time to dedicate yourself to Godly things. Try joining the evangelization group or other church groups, participate…”

This will help your relationship with God, your boyfriend and even your self-esteem!

And if you are not in a relationship at the moment, you will know how to proceed when the time come.


  1. What if it's the man that's too clingy? How can I tell him in a very nice way that he does not have to call me every minute? Sometimes I even feel bad for wanting some space!

  2. Mrs Nanda this is soo true and it happens so often even with my close friends, I hope you don't mind if I post this every where!

    I love all of the Love dares for us single ladies I'm so referring your blog to every one, especially for the single ladies!

  3. Ho yes, I will know how to proceed when the time come. Remember Gil: DO NOT BE CLINGY OR CONTROLING¬!


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