Monday, 25 January 2010

For the Single Ladies - Skunk Love

As the "Love Dare" was a great success, I've decided to write a new "Dare for the Single Ladies", hope it will help you all... Here we start!

Do you know Pepe Le Pew, the animated skunk that is madly in love with a cute black cat with white stripes like his?

Every time he sees her, his eyes become bulging little hearts. He’s a bit confused by her because she always flees from him (due to his stench); nonetheless, he is still madly in love with her…

This is an impossible love, after all, she’s a cat and he’s a skunk! It will never work!

They are incompatible, and even though they look alike, they aren’t!

There’s no way around it!

The same thing happened to her… one look was enough for her to fall in love…

She doesn’t even know him, but she says she’s in love…. She loves him…

There it is, the skunk love! A love based on emotions that will only result in disappointments.

They are full of incompatibilities, but like the skunk Pepe, she just doesn’t want to see…

She believes that after marriage and with enough love she will overcome everything!

Don’t fool yourself my friend, marriage will only make things worst!

So many young women have written to me, regretful for having lived a skunk love and now live (excuse the expression) a stinky life in their marriage!

There can be many differences, but I will only mention three very important ones…

  1. He is much younger than you. I know that this is a controversial subject and many may disagree, I also know that it isn’t a rule and that there are some marriages that have worked, but take into account that they are exceptions. The majority of them are problematic, the choice is yours… I am just giving you some advice.
  2. You studied more than he did, yet another controversial topic, but when it comes to marriage this can be very difficult, especially for men.
  3. You have different plans for the future. One wants to have children but the other doesn’t, this is a good example. One desires to serve God on the altar and the other doesn’t, another good example.

Task #1

“If you have a boyfriend and are contemplating marriage, pay lots of attention to the incompatibilities because in the future they can bring you problems. If you aren’t dating at the moment, keep this in mind when entering a relationship. Avoid skunk love, use you intelligent faith!"

It is better to suffer now over a breakup, than to suffer later over a divorce.


  1. Thanks, great post!

  2. I agree po about that... sometimes there is a relationship that are better in the grave...
    i have some question..
    how much is the guy much younger ???

  3. I agree with your post because it can happen to Men too like me, one thing I learned in the Therapy of Love is that good respects our choices. So we should know what we want and be specific when we pray and as we date etc.

    So I wrote a list of the qualities I want in a woman and who i must be to find her and be a blessing not a skunk.

    In life u can't find what u r not looking for and it is hard to decide it a relationship or when being apporached as the emotions are flowing.

    Allow to guide u what becomes your list, put to prayer and do your me the changes you need in yourself and go rather than just praying by the phone waiting for a delievery to your door.
    Remember not all things are essentital but some are important like are u of God, are they?
    Are they interested? do u want kids, will they? when?

    I am now being the person I need and want to be.
    God bless and thank you for blessing us.

  4. As much as this made me realize how true it really is & how tryin to look past the stinky smell to thinkin it might turn sweet eventually..makes me realize that a skunk wont ever smell like how to change somethin that cannot be changed...that is so true..
    Love that the singles are bein catered for:))))) yayyyyyy!!!!!

  5. i totally agree with the post.. and i'd like to add by saying that times women are willing to hide their true identity to fufill their emotional desire of having someone.. and later some how lose themselves and forget who they are and after marriage some how their realize and see what is standing right in front of them.. THEIR INCOMPATIBLITY with the person they have chosen but guess what it's too late.. never forget who you are in God and don't try to compromise your faith.. just cause you are scared to be alone.. God will provide you with someone who is compatible..

  6. Gilesa Johnson27 May 2010 at 04:05

    meee some good advice here, just have to remember when i reach the stage of choosing.

    Brixton London


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