Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 29 - Heart to Heart

Jennifer and Jonathan Hart

If you are more or less my age then you surely remember who they are.

I remember being very young when I first started watching “Hart to Hart.”

Folks, I loved that show! In spite of my young age, I recall noticing something special between that couple (yeah, I knew it was fictional) that fascinated me. I began to think that that sort of love only existed on TV. I didn’t know any couples- friends or family members- that were able to communicate with each other through a glance like the Hart’s did on TV.

Deep inside, I must admit that I hoped to one day have that same connection with someone but at the same time I also thought it was impossible.

I never managed to put a name to that “something special” that they seemed to have between them until one day, everything fell into place!


This word best describes a couple that is in sync with each other, where many times words are unnecessary.

Well my friends…

Dare- Task 29

“Let’s be our own version of the Hart’s! The “special something” that they had must be present in our relationship but even better because in our case it will be real! Your task will be to make this complicity come to exist in your marriage and if it already does, strengthen it!”

Ok, I think I should give a few examples so that you can understand this wonderful complicity I’m talking about…

Personally I think it’s a combination of things. It’s friendship, the trust that you have in each other, a sort of consideration…

He trusts you! He knows that you’re on his side and not against him!

You have him in high regard and this does him good, in short, he knows that he is number one in you r life (after Jesus, of course!)

No one and nothing can come between the two of you.

Let’s say that the two of you are having problems with one of your children. You might even find that your husband is being a bit too hard on him or that he is wrong but you’ll NEVER demoralize your husband in front of anyone- not even your children. You wait to speak to your husband privately… this makes you trustworthy in his eyes.

You don’t hold secrets from him! This is very important. You make of him your best friend, you ask for his advice, this will make him feel important and will lead him to trust you more.

There’s a partnership between you.

Things of this sort generate wonderful complicity!

Your task, in this case, will be to think of ways to strengthen the complicity in your marriage…


  1. Just today i was telling my husband, that as the years are passing we are growing closer to one another and i always remind him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me of course after God. We complete one another and are best friends.

    charlene (namibia)

  2. Thinking about this is true and it taught me a lot and I will always think of ways to strengthen my marriage even more.

  3. Is GOOD for my spouse to feel that he has someone some that he can trust and also to come up with new ideas to renew and strengthen our marriages.

    Aina Namibia


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