Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Dare - Day 25 - Write on the Sand...

When I was dating my husband I couldn’t wait to marry him.

I dreamt about how our life would be, but in those dreams I never even thought about disagreements or the times that we would say hurtful things to each other.

In the heat of an argument, words fly out like burning arrows aiming to damage and cause pain. During these moments the devil has a blast, for the person is not on guard and therefore senselessly blurts out all of the words that the devil suggests.

Afterwards you think to yourself: “Why did I say that? It wasn’t true! I was upset and I ended up saying such nonsense.”

Well, at that moment the devil enjoys himself and he plants the seed of sorrow in many hearts.

The word of God teaches us that we are one with our husbands; therefore, holding a grudge against them is like holding a grudge against ourselves!

It is so common for this to happen in a marriage because we have to deal with each other on a daily basis.

One day he gets home, you haven’t seen each other all day and you’re full of expectations but the first thing he does when he walks through the door is argue because you didn’t answer his call. That hurts your feeling a lot. You then try to talk but it seems to be worst. The more you try the more he ignores you.

Another day he’s rude to you in front of strangers, you feel humiliated.

Friends, if we start looking for more examples we’ll surely find loads but just remember that you also had your bad days in which you said and did things that you shouldn’t have.

Let’s not please the devil!

I’m not going to ask you to write you sorrows and grudges on a paper; instead, write them on the sand, for sooner than later they will disappear.

Dare- Task 25

“Today you will decide to forget any resentment you may have towards your husband. You know that holding a grudge or reliving memories of hurtful words or deeds will not do you- or your marriage- any good. This is a decision that you have to make.”


  1. Sometimes when disagreements arise i tend to remember things of the past even though i forgot about it, i remember it on that specific day and it really does not solve anything it just makes things worse and this is gonna stop from now on, i know i will be tempted but i will fight it.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  2. This reminds me one of the the day that I was rearly angry and immediatealy God showed me this scriplture in the bible (1Colrinhtilans 13:4-7 says that:....Love is patient and is not rude,not self-seeking, it is not easily angered and it keeps no record of wrongs. etc.. And it rearly washed me from the bad thoughts that I had in my mind.

  3. This is true, that to bring the past does not change any thing but it destroy marrige alot.

    I will always remember this words,to wrrite my sorrows on the sand instead to write them in my heart or paper, I will put it in practies.


  4. To bring up the things that has alread past is like you a opening an healed wound and that what kill many marriage,i dont like to speak the past of my husband or my past because i have nothing that i can change is gone and forgotten and this dare dona Fernanda is realy helping me alot thanks.


  5. To bring up things of the past also make a person feel like he is not forgiven when ever u bring it up.So is useless to ever bring it up because it does not help.

    Aina (Namibia)

  6. I do forget but then he makes me angry and i start remembering all the other things he did in the pass. (just like charlene said) this also happens to me. Its hard sometimes but will work on them.


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