Monday, 10 October 2011

How chic!

The term chic has never been used to describe people as much as in these last times.

The truth is that no one is chic by default. And some good things in life are just not for sale.

Elegance is one of them.

Thus to be chic, you need much more than a closet full of famous labels.

What makes a person chic?

I believe that it’s not what the person possesses but the way she deals with life and people around her.

Just look at these examples…

Being chic is keeping the tone of your voice down.

Those who don’t look to call people’s attention with their loud laughter, or with their deep cleavages, or by bragging about their achievements even when these are true.

Chic is to attract friends even without trying, because you gleam from within.

Chic is being discrete, not asking insinuating questions or making assumptions, or trying to find out what is none of your business.

It is refusing to follow the national trend of throwing litter on the street.
Being chic is greeting the concierge of the building where you live and saying good morning to people travelling with you in a lift.

It is remembering your friend’s birthday.

Being truly chic, it’s never overdoing anything!

Not in drinking, eating or in the way you dress.

Chic, it is to look in the person’s eyes when talking to them.

It is to “switch of the radar”,” the telephone”, when at the restaurant, to pay real attention to whoever is with you.

Chic is honoring your word, being grateful to whoever helps you, correct with whoever you deal with and honest in your business.

Chic is not drawing attention to yourself even when you are the guest of honor for the evening.

Chic is not being deceived by plastic surgery…when one tries to correct his character: there is no plastic surgery that can correct rudeness, incompetence, lies, fraud, aggressiveness, intolerance, atheism…being false.

But to be chic, really chic, you must, before anything; remember how life is short and that at the end of the day; we will all end up the same, dead and unable to take any material possessions along with us.

Therefore, do not waste your energy with what has no value, do not despise the important people around you and do not accept doing anything that will not do you any good or that it is not correct.

Remember: the devil seems to be chic but hell has no glamour! Because at the end of the day, to be truly chic is to believe in God!

PS. I received this message from a friend and decided to share it.


  1. Dear Mrs Nanda,

    Totally agree with this strong message, being chic is to be a woman of God, beautiful inside and out.

    Thanks, Evelyn

  2. But for the world being chic is opposite of those. Take a look at the song sung by David and Acon, 'sexy chic', even the way the girls dressed, ugghh almost naked.

  3. I really understood this blog post today. It explained to me what it means to be 'chic'; not having the latest designer designer clothing or the highest heels, but having a good attitude, towards situations, environments and people. All which are to be achieved with God. I am very sure that I will keep reminding myself of this. Thanks Mrs Nanda!


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