Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our Metamorphosis

Today I found myself thinking about my Biology classes…do you remember Metamorphosis?

This is a very interesting process, look at the butterfly’s case…

They are not born beautiful and ravishing, there is a process, a wonderful transformation, so intense and so complete that it makes us think of that “Metamorphosis” we go through when we become born of God.

Have you thought about it?

We were born as creatures of God but the metamorphosis has to happen so we may become the way we are supposed to be.

You know that feeling of emptiness inside us?  That need we have to seek happiness everywhere and that nothing satisfies?

Well, that happens when “Metamorphosis” has not taken place inside us yet. But when it finally happens …Oh how wonderful, we become the most beautiful butterfly! What a transformation! We feel complete. How beautiful!

From caterpillar to butterfly….without a doubt, that was my case.

I think that from today, butterflies have a totally different meaning to me…

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