Monday, 31 October 2011

I Stepped on my Heart

I was still young when an idea formed in my head...

"I'm never getting married." I would tell everyone this 
and no one understood the reason because most children 
and young girls have this dream but it wasn't my case. 

I think it must have had something to do with the examples 
I had...

But all of that mentality changed when I was born of God 
and having a happy marriage became my dream, my goal 
and objective. 

I was dating Junior but he didn't want to follow the same 
road I was on. I wanted Jesus and he wanted the world. 

My heart yelled, kicked, didn't accept and would say that
after marriage he would change, but my mind and  God's 
word were together and stated the complete opposite. 

I stepped on my heart and it made me cry a lot, but I 
continued steady with my eyes fixed on my goal. 

I sacrificed in the campaigns of Israel but I also needed 
to take action...

I decided to leave Junior and I ended up giving him an 
ultimatum...Jesus or the world. If he chose Jesus we would 
remain together, if he chose the world, It would be time to bid 

That decision was painful, for you never know what the decision 
is going to be. My youngest sister-in-law did something similar 
and the guy chose the world (but don't doubt, our God is faithful 
and she is already being blessed... If she allows me, later I will 
share her story...)

Junior decided to change and today we are here together and 
living my dream come true!

It wasn't easy, it was a sacrifice in every sense and in reality the 
sacrifices today are daily, because getting married is easy, what's 
difficult is maintaining a happy marriage but my eyes remain on my 


  1. Dear Mrs Fernanda,
    I remember when i faced a similar situation not so long ago... it seems like a decade ago but reading this blog reminded me of what i went through. You see i was in a situation where i was in a relationship and despite all the signs i just kept thinking this has to be it. It just has to... I am not going back to being single because I had failed so many times before it became my middle name and I really wanted to get rid of the name I had… Candace oh the one who always dates but it never works out. So in my need to get rid of this title I embraced what I had and I thought I will stick at this one till the end. Big MISTAKE! The more I kept going the more I was becoming emotionally involved to the point where I knew I had to break it off but I could not, things had already gone too deep and I felt stuck. My wedding day was 2 months away and everything was moving full steam ahead.

    It was only when I decided to step on my own heart and say enough that I made the right decision to end this relationship that would have later in taken me out of the presence of God. It was the hardest decision I ever made because I had allowed my heart to become sculpted into this “dream” I broke up, called the wedding off and walked away… it seemed like I walked away from my ultimate dream because I was so close but in fact I was walking back in the arms of God who would later on lead me to my greatest dream…

    I lost nothing by making that decision not even a shattered ego because God was with me every step of the way; He has helped carve my new dream into a reality now I can say I am more blessed now than I have ever been since that decision.

    Whenever I think of what happened I think Phew! If I had that, I would not be where I am today

    Thank you for this post, it really helped me remember how far I have come since then and that I must not stop until this dream is a reality



  2. I have also stepped on my heart, I was dating a man for many years when i started coming to church one day the word of God touch me. I decide to stop dating that guy i wanted to give my life to God,he wanted to do the thing of world he when his way i stay with God. That was the end of near six years dating I am happy i mad that decision in my life. Life is all about sacrifice

  3. Oooo I really love this... I have been talking to a lot of happily married couples and they have been sharing their testimonies and each and every single one used the element of faith! They could have just go with what their heart wanted but with every single happily married couple the had to use their faith where there was even an opportunity when they could lose there boyfriend at the time.. But they put God first and now their marriages are blessed! The element of faith ensures a blessed marriage!

  4. You took the right decision but many girls are too insecure to do so but when we have the fear of God its made much easier to make the right think!
    Thanks for this message!


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