Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Something to Meditate on...

When I was little, if I remember correctly, I was quite a troublemaker...:)

I was incredibly creative and I was always making "art."

I used to like climbing trees, playinde gude ball with the balls, flying
kites when they let me, etc...

My knees were nearly always skinned from falling so much. 

I remember that I got hurt a lot, but I also remember the times that I 
cried in my room after getting a beating from my 
dad because I pulled something and he would come to say...

"Little daughter, daddy did't want to do that but it seems like you don't 
listen when I speak..."

And how many times does that not happen to use even after growing?

Many times!
Our celestial Father has taught us so many things, he exhorts us many 
times through His sacred words, by way of his servants and we simply 
don't listen. 

Many times, his voice seems very  soft, but it's only the voice of our own 
will that is yelling and impeding us from hearing Him clearly. 

We reap the fruits of what we planted yesterday. And tomorrow 
we will reap what we sow today.

I've meditated a lot on this and I asked myself...

What am I planting today?

Are they good seeds that will bear good fruits?

Have I listened to His voice?

"Dear Father, I want to learn You when You speak! I want to hear 
Your voice clearly."Tenho meditado muito sobre isso e me perguntado...
Something to meditate on.

1 comment:

  1. Yes definitely something to meditate on. We will reap tomorrow what we sowed today.


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