Tuesday, 22 November 2011

You first

"You hang up." He says to his girlfriend on the other line.

"No, you." She replies.

"You first." He says smiling. 

"No, you first." She says also smiling...

Heheheh You must be rolling your eyes, but do you remember the last time you did that?

When you were dating someone, after spending long HOURS on the phone, neither one of you wanted to hang up and you would spend time playing that game of "you first."

Well if you are now married and you continue to play this game, it isn't going to work.

Are you having problems?

Look to see what you can change and change it. Don't wait for him.

I know that many times it isn't easy but if you continue to play that game of "you go first," it definitely won't help the situation; but if you take action, your actions can very well motivate him to make the same sacrifices for you.

Have you thought about that? Why not you first? :)

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