Thursday, 24 November 2011

Blood in every direction!

It would be great if we used our x-ray vision "glasses" at all times. Can you imagine how many problems we would avoid in our lives?

How many traps we would disarm???

Our fatal enemy lays traps before our feet every day and only with special vision will be able to identify them, for these traps are invisible to the naked eye.

Those that have this power, this vision, already know how it works but many times they are so ready to use their "glasses" in the presence of big signs but they forget about the little foxes...

The little foxes are traps that appear to be small, for they don't call the person's attention all that much and many times she doesn't even notice they're there. 

If the trap is launched in the form of a grotesque thought, the person that possess this vision will immediately makes use of it and see off the bat who is talking and she already knows how to fight and destroy the enemy.

But with the little foxes...

"She doesn't really like you, why should you approach her?"

"You are not going to be able to do it!"

"Give up already!"

"Look, don't even try!"

"You are ridiculous!"

"That's no place for you!"

"Did you take a look at yourself in the mirror?"

"Take a look at yourself!"

The little fox slyly infiltrate themselves in. 

They are defeatist thoughts, insecurities, sadness, grudges, resentment, fears, etc...

Just today I made use of my vision and those little bandits were all around me!!! I grabbed an axe and I began to slaughter them... it was bloodshed in all directions and even now I am still covered in blood!

I'm going to sleep because its 1:30 in the morning and sleep doesn't seem to come but do you know what else?

Tomorrow when I wake up there will be more waiting for me and you as well and that happens everyday, a battle without end but the secret is to wake up, put on those glasses, grab hold of your axe and let the slaughter begin. 

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  1. Thanks for the message. I really see this is a daily battle we have to fight and will continue until the end. Lately I see how sly the devil is and it's the little things he uses to bring people down because its unnoticeable.


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