Wednesday, 16 November 2011

“Ms. Goody- Two- Shoes”

During a certain phase in my life, Ms Goody Two Shoes would come visit me frequently – we were great friends.

Generally, during a strong message or when I read a passage in the Bible, she would come visit me. She would sit beside me during the meeting and whisper…

“Do you see? So-and-so should be here to hear to this!” “Hummmmm, this word fits like a glove on so-and-so.” “Look at her… See if she’s paying attention, that’s exactly what she needs to hear…”

During my Bible readings…“Just look at that verse!!! It speaks so strongly to that other so-and-so! She needs to read this!”

The funny thing is that Ms Goody Two Shoes never told me when something was wrong with me; she only had eyes for other people. I never had any flaws; the word was never directed to me, but always to others…

One day, my eyes were opened and I realised how ridiculous and mistakenly righteous Ms Goody Two Shoes was. I gathered courage and expelled her from my life!

Now, I can hear God’s voice for myself and not for others. During the meetings, I always invite Ms Look At Yourself to sit by my side and, contrary to Ms Goody Two Shoes, she makes me look inside myself… The words preached during the service are always for me. During my Bible reading, I see that I have to a lot to change!

It isn’t easy. Ms Goody Two Shoes doesn’t want to lose your friendship, and especially not to Ms Look At Yourself!! Every once in a while, she reappears and I need to put her in her place.

Of course, there are times that we think, with no malice intended, that a certain word can be of true benefit to one person or another. But this shouldn’t happen with much frequency, because if it does, then we will become arrogant and mistakenly righteous, and that will surely not help us at all; what’s worse is that it doesn’t please God.

Look at your life and your actions; observe who has been visiting you frequently.

If it’s Ms Goodly Two Shoes, get rid of her and invite Ms Look At Yourself to sit next to you. She will help you a lot more…


  1. I used to have the judgemental spirit, to make me feel better I would belittle others. And my life was full of problems, that I could not solve because of this. One thing you end up alone no one wants to be around you

  2. I love this message as Ms goody too shoes has been blinding me a lot lately to my own faults and now i see that what she was really doing is holding a mirror to me, All of the things I heard for others were bad traits God wanted to remove from me. Thank you for this message

  3. I admit that I have had someone like that 'siting next to me,' the worst thing she failed to see that God was speaking directly to her and not so and so. I agree that at times it can even be for a good intention, but this makes us loose focus on ourselves and we will never change because we will think we are perfect. You know, one way I 'got rid of that friend' was by me entering the service thinking'God what ever you say I am here to receive for myself.' God doesn't say things for the sake of saying,He says because He knows there is a need, including the 'Ms, good two shoes'.

    I love this post because this how we end up empty in side because we are to busy looking at others, we can never forget that four other fingers are pointing back at us.


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