Sunday, 20 November 2011


On Saturday the 26th November we will all be together in this fight…

Sisterhood all over the world will be breaking the silence and will be united in one sole objective…we are going to say enough to domestic violence!

You, who have suffered or are suffering from sexual or Domestic abuse, can’t get rid of your past or have no strength to report it.

Watch the video below and join us too!

Here in London, at 13:00, 232 Seven Sisters Road at the rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park.

At the end of this video it says…”Isn’t it time for someone to say “CUT”?


  1. Yes, i will not let this opportunity to passby because if i can take the example of queen Ether she had enough until she decided to action. Her family was threatend and suffering but there was the day that she stood up and decide to cut off all this, and much more of the blessings fell on her. To me is another course because i know i will learn more. Thank you

  2. I will be there! SIsterhood in California will doing this event as well. Wow! that video is strong it reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in a dometic violent family and my dad used to do that. I had forgotten how it felt until now that I saw this clip. This is the first time seeing this clip so it is strong very strong.


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