Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I want to change!

God recently revealed something to me that I would like to share with you.

You know that feeling of when the penny finally drops?

Well, this is how I felt and how I still feel.

A friend spoke to me: “ Nanda, I count on you to help me change, please. Every time you see me doing that thing, talk to me and help me. It’s been awhile since I am counting on my friends to help me change but it has not happened yet. I count on you”.

At that very moment I stopped to think about what she was asking me and…BAM!

Many of us tend to rely on people and end up forgetting the most important…the Holy Spirit!

It is indeed important to have friends that help us but our dependence should be on Him.

And who better than Him to changes us, direct us, teach us, etc? However many times, without even realizing, we reject Him.

That change was not happening because she was relying on her friends’ help without the help of the Holy Spirit.

And how many times do we do the same?

Do you need to change?

Count on Him and the change will happen.

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