Friday, 11 November 2011

Lost and without Direction!

"Oh no, I'm super late!!!" I said to myself even without looking at my watch. 

And let the race begins!

I rush to the bathroom, rush to take a shower, rush to get ready, rush to the car...

Amongst all this rush, I forgot to get the address with directions. 

That's alright, I think I know how to get there...

I drive into one road, enter another, make a turn here, then I turn there and 
I still can't find the place...

I insist but I notice that the place is beginning to get a bit "shady."

I remember my cellphone and I search for it in my bag but, for a 
change, I seemed to have forgot while being in such a rush. 

I keep turning here and there but now all I wish for is to find my 
way back home; I'm not even worried about finding the address, all I want is to get 
out of here. 

All of the streets look the same and very different all at the 
same time... 
I'm lost, I don't know where to go. 

People please, asking for directions in a place like this? No way!

It starts to get dark and everything outside seems even scarier 
and to 
make matters worse, I look down at the gasometer and it's blinking red...

I begin to get desperate, I start to cry and ask myself, why?

Why did I do that? Why did I leave my house without a direction?

I place my head on the steering wheel and I burst out in tears...

"Look at what you've gotten yourself into!!!!"

A life without Jesus can be compared to this scenario. 

You enter one road, another and yet another and before you know 
it you are in a dangerous area and you don't know what to do! How 
do you get out of there? Where do you go? Despair hits you hard...

I was like that, I used to live without having direction.

There are principles that our parents try to teach us but there 
com our friends with other principles and other family members 
with other principles and when you come to realize it, you don`t 
know which path to follow...

Only with Jesus did I find true principles to be followed, I found 
my path...

Like a father who loves his children, He guides us. Many times 
his directions seem harsh, severe, we feel like He is trying to spoil our fun!

But just like a zealous parent who loves his children a lot, 
He sees whats ahead, He knows what is good and what isn't.

He wants us spare us from suffering; He wants to protect us. But 
how many of us don't understand this and just like rebellious 
adolescents, we rebel against Him!

"Why can't I sleep with him before marriage if I love him?!"

"Why do I always have to speak the truth? I'm going to get into trouble!"

"Why can't I go to that party?!"

"Why can`t I wear this clothes?!!"

All because He loves us and wants our own good. He wants to 
protect us, He wants us to find true happiness!

Just like a true Father, He cares and protects those that 
obey Him, 
for these indeed recognize him as a Father. 

A loving Father, a caring Father, a Father that gave up his own life 
for his children. 

A Father that never left and will never leave his beloved children lost 
or without a direction!

Never leave your house without the map with directions that you 
celestial Father gave you, keep them in the tables of your heart. 

With Him, you will never find yourself lost, abandoned, without 
direction or alone...

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