Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Still thinking about butterflies

One day a child was observing a small opening in butterfly cocoon.

After observing for a while, she noticed the butterfly struggling and flapping her wings so that the whole would get bigger and she could then exit through that opening.

Hours later, not much had happened, she was still battling with her wings but there was still not enough space for it to push through.

Then the boy decided to give the butterfly a helping hand. He got a pair of scissors and opened it very carefully and the butterfly came out easily. Its body was small and its wings did not have enough strength to hold itself.

He continued observing the butterfly waiting to see her wings opening and stretching, ready to fly. But nothing happened…In fact the butterfly spent the rest of her life incapacitated / disabled, crawling with her body withered and shriveled wings. It was never going to be able to fly.

What the child could not understand, in his willingness to help, was that the tight cocoon and the effort needed from the butterfly to come out of it, was a way of strengthening its wings so it could fly.

Difficulties, mistakes and challenges (even though we may not like it) mold us, strengthen us and make us become better and better….There is no use in trying to find shortcuts or avoid sacrifices. 


  1. We don't often understand why we are going through tough situations in our life whilst we are in the thick of it. But after the storm passes away and we have time to reflect we are then able to learn from our experience.

  2. So True Mrs Nanda! Even though it may seem unfair, if we get things easy we will never appreciate them and strengthen ourselves. Thanks Mrs Nanda!

  3. Problems and all sorts of negativity come and go but our job is to fight against them and get increasingly stronger along the way. Thanks Mrs Nanda!


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