Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I decided to change!

Hi Mrs Nanda,

It’s been awhile since I thought of sending you an email to let you know what has been happening to me lately.

For some weeks now, I have been seeking God’s help to change some things I was not been able to. I kept on telling myself…I will get better at this, I will change that, but sooner or later I would end up being the same Raquel.

Recently I said “enough” to the whole situation. I could not accept that situation any longer!

It was then that I started asking God what it was that I really needed to do so I could see a definite change in me and become a reference of Him.

Whilst seeking Him, He spoke to me…”my daughter, it is very easy to be a reference to those outside the church.  What you really need is to be a good example to your husband! Start pleasing him as you would want to please Me and respect him as you respect Me!”

He also reminded me of one of Bishop Macedo’s messages where he mentioned about that Bible verse that talks about loving your neighbor as yourself. 

Bishop asked: “Who’s the person who is closest to you?” And he answered: “ Your husband/wife. This means that you can do everything for others, but if you do not do it for your husband, taking care of him and respecting him, you are not pleasing God.”
Such an important message as this one, had everything to do with the messages we receive every morning in our meetings.

God could have not been clearer to me!

I immediately understood that I needed to become this woman of God to my husband. After all, he is the person that knows me the best! 

Since then, I made a decision. Every time my husband asks me to do anything, I will not give excuses not to do it. I will respect him in every way. Instead of trying to convince him of something, I will stop doing those things that displease him and show maturity through my submission…I will deny my will and will no longer impose my will/opinion. Amongst other things too…

And to be honest, I noticed a great change since that prayer. It’s been weeks already and I feel such a peace inside me because now I have been pleasing God with my actions. I see that now, God is pleased with me. This experience brings me such a satisfaction! Not even to mention that I am not using strength to change, but rather, I have strength inside me to make this change happen.

This week, my husband told me that God had spoken to him too.

My husband is naturally caring with me but I noticed an even greater care coming from him. We are now even closer, happier and even better…our work has been bearing fruits. God has been blessing us.

All this change happened when I decoded to listen to God! How glorious is the Holy Spirit!

Well, this was my most recent, wonderful experience with my dear Father!

Lots of love and thank you for all your help.

You see dear friends? One action brings a reaction! She acted and changed and consequently, her husband sought to change too!!!

How wonderful!

If all could understand this…but no. They wait for others to change so they can change. What’s the pleasure in that?
Want to see results too? Do as Raquel did! And I dare to say more, what’s the point in being a reference in the church or outside if inside your own home, you are not a reference of Him???? Let’s think about this…

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