Saturday, 6 August 2011

Task #32 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Today we are on the third day of the Daniel’s Fast and for sure you must already be seeing a great difference within yourself and if you haven’t been overcome by the Holy Spirit yet, you will be, there’s no doubt about it.

Today we are going to discuss a subject that will cover two objectives: prepare the “terrain”: for the Holy Spirit and also aid us in reaching our goal in the following task.

Everything that is related with cleanliness is linked to God and what is dirty is linked to the devil.

If you are seeking to be taken over by the Holy Spirit, you can be sure that He will not inhabit a “dirty house.”

If you are godly, you are clean and that cleanliness comes from the inside out.

Cleaning the outside is much easier than doing an internal cleansing. Keeping the outside clean refers to caring for your body, your clothing, your nails, your breath, etc.

What about cleaning on the inside?

That means that your heart must be clean. No grudges, no resentment.

The words that come out of your mouth need to be clean without gossip, without judgment and without accusations.

Your mind has to be clean, evil thoughts must be removed.

Your eyes need to be clean and not looking at everything with malice.

Task #32 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Have you ever seen dirt entering a dust pan by itself and say bye bye?
Of course not! We have to go over and clean. We need to remove the dirt because it won’t leave on its own.
You are going to do just that with all of the spiritual dirt that exist within yourself.

If you are holding a grudge you need to forgive, for that “dirt” impedes the Holy Spirit from living inside of you. If necessary you are going to speak to that person, depending on the case, of course, but the most important thing that you need to know is that those dirty feeling only hurt you. Start delivering yourself of them one by one. 


  1. The moment I read 'terrain' I thought back to the fast on the 1st of every month you recommended we should do to prepare ourselves spiritually speaking for the monthly battles but reading ths just showed me we can add to our terrain everyday simply by putting this task into practice everyday, the examples are really helpful because they act like a guideline, thank you for setting
    it out in order of our body parts such as eyes, mouth, mind etc. it really was useful and there's no better time to put into practice then now!

  2. In the last 21 days fast I was focused on the being renewed and cutting out the secular world to be more in the presence of God.

    This was very good, but for me personally this 21days is much stronger as I am not only cutting off the distractions from the media, internet etc, but also I am looking at my inside. I am not allowing anything of the World to come in, but I am also looking at what was already there, if there is any uncleanness inside of me, impeding me from being closer to God.

  3. It seems as though through the 21 days the Holy Spirit has been passing the message of cleanliness in everything, we learnt about it in the girls meeting, I read about it in Mrs. Esther’s blog and now in your blog! Before we can actually be baptised in the Holy Spirit we need to ensure that everything about us is clean, inside and outside. Everyone seems to want to clean the outside, seeing as it is always the easiest part. But to clean the inside is the hard part, because then we’ll have to get rid of the entire luggage we may have been holding onto, for years even! That’s why I believe that this task will not only help those who have not yet received the Holy Spirit but also those who have, to always remain clean before God,because many times we may notice when pride or grudges enter our heart, thats why we should continuously seek God and examine ourselves, exactly what the 21 days is for, to detox ourselves and flush out everything that impedes us from being closer to Him.

  4. Sometimes we forget about internal cleanliness and focus on our exterior. When cleanliness is spoken about, we automatically think about our hair, make up, nails, clothes etc. Even though these things matter, Whats most important is how we are on the inside. Something we really need to focus on.

  5. yes, really make an interior cleaning only for those who want to receive the Holy Spirit because it is much easier to live by appearance.

  6. The Holy Spirit dwells in a clean, if we don't take of our house meaning our hearts who is going to take care of it. its similar to our house if don't cleaning you wont think straight. For us to think straight we need to clean our hearts

  7. I have to say, that this is exactly what I needed during these 21 days. This 21 days have been more about preparing our inside (spiritually) than anything else. For sure I will be making sure that every single speck of dirt is removed from inside,no matter how deep its hidden. Thanks Mrs Nanda

    Shanna Brown UK

  8. Thank You for this message Ms Nanda, it's made me analyze myself to see if any dirt is trying to build up inside me. Sometimes it's the smallest things that we think are not important can cause big problems later on.


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