Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Task# 28 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Many people get confused with regards to sincerity.

What is the difference between being sincere and being rude?

Folks, this is something that has to be very well analyzed and thought out.

Being sincere isn’t about telling people the first thing that comes to your head because not everything that we think is appropriate, right?

One needs to think thoroughly so as not to be unfair, impolite or rude… Sincerity and common sense have to go hand in hand, that indeed does add an extra touch of beauty in a woman.

But that doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt. Generally the truth hurts and many times as much as we may think and ponder, there is no escape, it’s going to hurt!

If you think, you can soften things without leaving sincerity behind. Here are some examples:

Without thinking: “You are ENORMOUSLY fat.” The naked truth and a bit of something else…

After thinking: “Really, you gained a bit of weight, but nothing that some good exercise won’t solve.” Truth with a touch of consideration for the other person’s feelings.

Without thinking: “You look ridiculous with those clothes.”
After thinking: “Those clothes don’t look so great; they don’t flatter your body type.”

But aside from what has been mentioned above, there is yet another thing that the person that seeks to be sincere must know:

Sincerity isn’t limited to third parties. Having sincerity only to see and detect the defects of others doesn’t add anything to use, it only diminishes our value.
A person who seeks to be sincere is sincere with herself first. She sees herself. 

She corrects herself. She changes!

How beautiful!

Task #28 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
“Let’s think about this and begin to take the necessary action.”


  1. Sometimes we think that being sincere is saying what comes into our head and i'm speaking from experience because i'm the type of person that just say without thinking. But then i realised that what that does is that it really puts the person down and it makes me come across rude. So what i have learnt now is that i need think before i speak so that the person gets the message and to think of possible solutions that could help them. In that way your truly achieving the main purpose of being sincere which is to help the person realise their mistake .

  2. This is something we all need to learn how to do, Be sincere however in a way that wont hurt the other person but also helps them to be better and lovelier. It could even become advice and suit the person rather than offend them.

  3. cta_rascon@yahoo.com5 August 2011 at 11:08

    We need to overcome owrselves and try to be at our best at anything we do.

  4. We can never expect something from people that we are not willing to do ourselves.

    It is very easy to pin point the mistakes of others, but sometimes we can be so offended when someone says just a small thing which we don't like.

    I think there is a balance and being rude or tactless is never the way.

    We have to be willing to look at ourselves first before we look at others.

    I made a personal rule a while ago with God, I said that I will never demand or advice anyone about anything that I myself do not put into practice. I always try to be sincere in my words and actions since I put this rule in my life.

  5. Now a days I'm thinking more before I speak, Because I was told by people that I moan a lot.. So now I have been more aware of what I say. There is a BIG difference between being 'Rude' or being 'Sincere' people seem to get that confused a lo.t I am diffidently going to keep on thinking before I speak.


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