Tuesday, 23 August 2011


There’s a single word that makes the modern woman “ache without feeling pain,” if you know what I mean...

When this word is mentioned, she automatically twists her nose, makes a sour face and shakes to the core.

To her, that word is worse than a curse word. It’s blasphemy!

It makes her grind her teeth with anger and in revolt.

Do you know what word it is?

Let’s see if you guys figure it out and on Monday I’ll talk about it…


  1. I think is submission. That is very complicate when the person is not born of God.

  2. hmmm I wonder what word that is, so I am going to try and guess could it be lazy, proud, ugly. There are so many words that can cause a woman a lot of pain. The power of the tongue is powerful in a negative and posistive way.


  3. Submission.... Females dislike to not submit and not to be the boss k.Gordonuk

  4. When I read this short, but interesting blog, the first word I thought about was instantly submission because this usually is one of the hardest thing a woman has to do, humble ourselves before someone else. Without submission we see women that abuse their husbands, think they ‘run’ the household etc. Women never like to be seen beneath men, this is why we usually see them fighting for equality e.g. the ‘Suffragettes’. I believe that this word could be submission. Im so eager to find out what it may be...


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