Monday, 15 August 2011

Task #39 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Did you like it?
I don’t know

Is this ok?
If you thinks it’s ok, then it’s fine by me.

Which one of these do you prefer?
Whichever one.

It’s really unpleasant and annoying to see a woman that lacks her own opinion. She generally follows the flow, whatever the world likes, whatever the world wants, whatever the world wears…

A confident woman has her own opinion, she stands out, she’s respected and is more admirable than those that follow the crowd.

We can’t be like that! Lukewarm? Not a chance!

Task #39 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Check to see if you are a woman with your own opinion or if you let your go by other’s opinion. God can’t count on or even regard a woman like that, after all, He teaches us principles that go against the current and in order to follow Him we need faith, lots of certainty and trust.”


  1. i like this post ms nanda, as woman we need to be outspoken with our opinions and not just to be the normal lady who goes along with everything, but also at the same time we need a balance not to always speak about our own opinion at wrong times.

    Thanks Ms Nanda(K.GordonUK)

  2. This is exactly what me and someone was speaking about. I realised something about myself which was that I would easily change my opinions if the majority was against me! For example I was in a meeting and this meeting was to determine something that will happen, at first I was the only one who was against it and everyone else was for it, by the end of the meeting I had changed my decision in order to fit in with everyone else’s. After I realised I had to change this about myself, I was so gullible and easily moulded (which is a good thing) but not to the point im easily influence. Now I am no long budged or moved because of what others have to say. I’d rather stand to my decision, despite whose with me than to constantly change my decision to agree with the crowd.

  3. We can not go through the faith of the others we have to listen God and go in our faith.

  4. When I was growing up, I always tried to please my friends. I had a lot of loud and rude friends, because they were this way, I also started to behave the same.

    I never wanted to really be like that, but I wanted to fit in so badly. Outwardly, this made me popular. But deep inside I was never more alone. I basically based everything on my friends; the way I spoke, the way I dressed. I used to really dislike some of the clothes they would were, but I would lie and tell my friends I liked it. I cut off all my hair, very short, as this was the style my friend had. It was horrible!

    Now, I no longer seek to please people. I have my own opinions and identity and I always say what I think to my friends. I believe that you cannot trust a person who does not have their own opinion, because I was like that and this type of person will never be truthful or sincere to you.

  5. I was the sort of person to just go with the flow what someone said was what i agreed with i never used to give my own opinion but God did reveal it to me and I've changed that about myself i do give my own account of things but not all the time because its not always necessary to give our opinions.

  6. I usually am a woman of my own opinion, if I don't like something i'll mention it or if I think something looks nice i'll say it. To be honest though sometimes I just won't comment if my opinion is negative.I give more opinion with things that i'm more familiar with like clothes, photos etc but things that I don't really know about like organising events I don't have too much opinion over so i'll just kind of go with what's being suggested if I think it'll work. It can be annoying like you said when you really need an opinion and someone's leaving you in the same position by saying if you like it then it's fine by me. The person wouldn't ask if they weren't in need!

  7. A woman should have a opinion, but in some case is different people do what others like not what they like.


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