Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Task #40 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

We have reached the end of our dare and I still have a huge list of topics to cover but I think that even if we discuss every point on the list, there will still be more topics to talk about.

Therefore, the point that I want to make today is something that is going to, in one way or another, depend on each one of us…

We shouldn’t limit ourselves to the tasks…

We must analyze ourselves and see what it missing in order for us to be more beautiful for our God and for the people around us.

Gestures, actions, thoughts, prejudices, principles and of course, taking care of our appearance. These are things that need to be revisited incessantly; otherwise, we end up forgetting.

Task #40 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

It is important for us to always analyze ourselves and find ways to be better.

Don’t get comfortable with the way that you are. You can be better!

This incessant search will make you even lovelier, beautiful and loved!

A big kiss to all and I hope that these dares have been enriching and really added something to your lives.

I would like to ask those of you that have been participating in this dare to leave your comments sharing your experience.

The dare has finished but this blog will continue and new posts are around the corner… See you tomorrow!


  1. Wow!! :-)
    I can't believe we've already reached task 40
    Thank you
    Even though I didn’t do all the task
    But the one that really is stuck on me is the tithe of my day.
    For me that task really helped develop my communion With God, even now I still find myself doing it.
    It’s been a real blessing
    Thank you.
    Chantel Matthan (UK-Brixton)

  2. Mrs Nanda, I am so grateful for this blog you have. Ever since I've been participating in these tasks and also in the rush month for sisterhood, I've found it difficult NOT to analyse. Every second I'm thinking how I can look better, what I can do, am I dressing myself in the right way. It's really changed my mentality and I'm so happy because I didn't want to be the same.
    I wanted to believe in myself that I am beautiful and now I do.

  3. Hey Mrs Nanda, to be honest i didn't do all the tasks but i did most of them and it has helped me soo much, especially with my character and my appearance like now i take so much time to get ready. During these dares I've learnt to love myself and who i am and also to be able to accept change and correction.

  4. Hallo Mrs Nanda, God has changed my life for real. I din't care about my outwards appearance. Since i recieved the Holy Spirit in April this year during the 21day fast, God inspired me not only to look beautiful inside but outwards too,I howerver I didn't know where to start. While reading the churchs website one day, i saw the womans link, i clicked on it and found the 7th dare and i followed the link to your blog. It was as though God directed me to your blog. Honestly, I dint care about my hair, nails, face, waight and the rest. My body was chubby and uncared for. As I am now, I changed my hair style, I started to excersise(I lost some waight), I'm clean outwards and inwards, my face looks good (shaped eye brows and a soft touch of makeup). I didn't only focus on my appearance, but on other things too, i'm not as loud as i was befor, I'm not as lazy as befor, not as selfish as before. I'm caring now, hardworking, and more organised. Oh, my self-esteem has also sky rocked thanks to all the compliments I'm now recieving. Among the other things that changed is my relationship with my sweet honey and Lord Jesus Christ... I dedicate the change to HIM, I strive to look, feel, act and be more beautiful for HIM. After all, He changed my life and is continuing to do so! Like this last dare advises, I will continue to find more ways to please my sweet love Jesus and to be much more beautiful, from inside to outside.

    From Tuli Shinyala
    UCKG Namibia, Windhoek

  5. These posts were very important for my learning and I'm sure that helped many people.

  6. The tasks have gone so quickly.
    Throughout these 40 tasks, I have truly been able to analyse myself and apply the things you have spoken about in my day to day life.
    I find myself always rushing to your page in the weekly bulletin and constantly coming to your blog.
    It's true, even though the tasks are over, doesn't mean that this is where our growth will stop.

    Ashanta Hay

  7. There is always space and time to improve. Just because a purpose has stopped it doesn't mean that we have to stop as well. When we live by limits we will never progress

  8. Honestly, Mrs. Nanda I haven’t stayed with the whole 40 tasks but with the few that I read they really helped me. Now I see even more the importance of taking care of ourselves, our bodies, appearance etc. Every post has helped me in a certain way. Things about me begun to change, even from the way I acted, spoke, dressed etc.

  9. this is true we have to always analyze ourselves see what we have to change in ourselves and always making better to God.

  10. Is never enough! When we think that we are okay, we are wrong!!! We can improve every day,if we are sensitive to God's voice, and searching for changes,willing to learn and never satisfied!
    The word of God says in Luke 6-21 - " Blessed are you who hunger now,for you shall be filled." So those who think they are okay, they are not hungry so Jesus cannot fill them! But if we are always hungry Jesus can always fill us,and automatically we will grow and improve.
    May God bless you!

  11. liliana ferreira20 August 2011 at 14:11

    All these amazing dares and tasks i can honestly say they have helped me alot, but it is very true we shouldnt get complacent at all but always aim to be the best that we can be

  12. I believe i have learn a lot from here, you know there is always a space for improvement. I'm going to continue reading them again.


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