Saturday, 6 August 2011

Task #31 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

In the endless search for becoming even more beautiful, women feed a billionaire industry.

In the wish to have a perfect appearance, there are no limits for some women: plastic surgery, botox, silicone, creams, make-up, diets and the list goes on…

Such an investment in something that quickly fades because sooner or later age comes knocking on everyone’s door and no one can escape it.

That is if we even make it that far but in the end nothing is left over. All of that beauty disappears, our flesh rots.

Such an endless search and investment all in vain…

When death comes, our body is rendered useless. But what about your soul?

That’s what matters! For all of the investment you make to feed, satisfy and beautify your soul, that investment will have great results. And best of all, that result is eternal!

Our soul is what matters and you can decide its destiny right now.

Similar to our body, our soul also requires certain care. It needs to be fed, it needs certain diets and exercises. See how:

The word of God is healthy food for your soul.

The Daniel’s fast that we are doing is a diet for your soul. It’s a diet against everything that is worthless.

The use of your faith is all that your soul needs to be fit.

Need I say more? Now it’s time to run to the embrace!!

Task #31 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Seek so that your soul can become healthy, thin and fit.”


  1. This is so true Mrs Nanda! What really matters at the end of the day is our soul, thank you for explaining how we can feed,
    diet and exercise our soul so it is fit and well equipped, that was really useful and i think it wll benefit us a lot especially during this 21 days.

  2. Hi Ms Nanda, Many times we invest are time in so many things like looking better, how to please other people, how to make more money. Which is not wrong but our main focus should be on God investing in our spiritual life & when God see's this those other things will be added.


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