Monday, 1 August 2011

Task#25 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Today we are going to talk about something that can blatantly destroy not only your beauty but your good reputation as well.

I was observing her from afar for she was very pretty and she attracted attention. Her appearance was of someone that cared for herself and that’s a trait that people appreciate, a person who takes care of herself.

For my surprise and disappointment, when I passed by her all of her beauty dissipated…

“What up G! Let’s chill, you feel me? I’m out ya’ll, gotta go do my thing.”
No one deserves to listen to that! Just remembering this gives me chills!

My dears, all the care in the world isn’t enough when it comes to opening our mouths, for curse words and slang completely destroy a woman’s beauty and elegance.

An elegant woman is well educated and doesn’t have a dirty mouth nor does she make use of slang and that makes her stand out amongst the crowd.

Task#25 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman
Starting today you will eliminate slang and curse words once in for all. It won’t be easy because it might already be a habit but don’t give up and watch yourself.”


  1. Wow Mrs Bezerra I really relate to this because it was a mistake that I made just yesterday. And I completely agree with what you are saying. I'm giving everything to become a woman of God and then I ruin it with the way that I talk.
    Reading this, I think just as you do; that it doesn't sound right at all. If I'd heard this woman speak alone and not seen her I would've thought that she didn't have a good appearance.
    From now on I'm going to monitor the way that I speak and remove slang from my vocabulary.

  2. I'm so happy i came across this because this is something i'm facing right now. The way i speak really does ruin my beauty and i'm trying so hard to stop with the slang talk. Each time i talk i have to pause to think of the right word to say, sometimes i don't even know the appropriate English word but i know that one day slang would be out of my vocabulary !

  3. I'm a new reader of the rules/steps for becoming a lovlier woman and I've stumbled across step 25 and I must say that I agree. The problem with me is that I put it on and off depending on who I'm talking to, but now I'm realising regardless of who im talking to it's best to keep it off. It's definitely much prettier or lovelier. :)

  4. I remember when I used to talk so much slang in the past, now I couldn't think of speaking like that it looks so unattractive for a female to talk like that.


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