Saturday, 6 August 2011

Task #33 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman


“It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.” Proverbs 25:24

The thoughts don’t stop, they’re incessant, something pushes you and you simply can’t allow anyone else have the last word.

In every argument you need to show that you are right, you have to expose your point of view, and you have to make other people accept what you want at any cost. You don’t want to listen or understand the other side and anything is reason enough to start a fight. You have no limits and you don’t know when to be silent.

You don’t have peace because when one problem is solved you always find something else to complain or fight about.

Living with someone like this is not easy.

I was counseling a person the other day and that was her greatest problem.

What’s worse is that she thought that her husband was the problem.

The brawling woman loses a lot. She loses beauty, she loses value and she loses respect.

Task #33 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

 “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he that rules his spirit than he that takes a city.”
Try listening; we have one mouth and two ears for a reason and remember, it’s not always worth having the last word. Many times in order for you to gain, it will seem as though you are losing.


  1. Owner Nanda,

    I loved the blog in English, now I just read here, to train my skills.


    Always in Faith

  2. When someone loses control it is so ugly. What helps me is to think. I think things like, what will I gain by saying something, what will I solve by acting this or that way? My answer is always the same, nothing! I then think about where my mistakes were and how I can avoid repeating them.
    When we are in an emotional state like angry, argumentative etc we end up doing and saying things we cannot take back.

    It is much better to use your head and deal with things, than to use your emotions which always bring more problems.

  3. Mrs Nanda your tasks are so helpful. One thing I've found in myself which I don't like is that I must explain myself if I am being rebuked for something that wasn't my fault. If I have an explanation I must get it across to make the person know that they have the wrong idea about me.
    I'm not loud about it and I won't start a fight but I've realised this is a wrong quality to have.
    And your task has confirmed this. I'm asking the Holy Spirit to continue to renew me, and He is working because I'm learning to be silent and it is becoming more than just a habit; it's becoming part of me.
    So thank you for this particular task. I will definitely take it on board.

  4. What helped me the most in this task was the advice you gave in the task section about us havng one mouth and two ears for a reason, to listen more and speak less even if it seems like we will be losing the battle in reality we are winning it, it's something we have to remember a lot - women because of their emotions and men because of their pride

  5. Michelle, I had the same problem. Every time I was rebuked I would want to put my point across, or at times I would think I was right and listening to the truth would make me emotional about it.

    Be emotional only makes things worst, and I only released that when I noticed it was not taking me any were, I started to hate it, and thinking with my mind helped me to see the views of others, accept correction and evaluate what I needed to change. Its very easy for us women to lash out, cry, complain but indeed it makes us look very ugly.

    I love this picture because many times we like to do the pointing, but we need to listen as we are not always right.

  6. This is so true especially about women. Some women do it because women are usually seen as the quieter sex whilst men are more dominant however in society nowadays, women feel that once this is done, it puts the name of women in a better light and shows that we dont have to be as subservient as we are supposed to be. however, Us as women of God cannot behave like this and as its even written in the word of God, it shhows just how much we shouldnt behave like this or in this manner as it upsets Gos to see us behave like this.

  7. When you listen more you learn more because you taking more in. Nowadays women tend to gain their respect through speaking so much but respect is gain through your good works and actions. Listening is a very important virtue to keep your relationship with the Holy Spirit why because the Holy Spirit doesn't speak so loud so the only way to hear what his trying to tell you is when your listening fully. Also when you speak so much you take less time to think about what your saying and that what leads to harsh words been said that later on you would regret.

  8. When women do not hear the voice of God it becomes an unbearable person so sad because nobody wants to be near her.

  9. Once reading this blog, it reminded me of the time the youth group was on the bus to a night vigil and there was a boy that was constantly getting on my nerves, then I got upset with him and ‘brawled’ after I reacted in that way I realised that this changed NOTHING! I only made myself look like a ‘fool’ and so emotional. The way we are seen by society is automatically the weaker sex so maybe we feel that we have to ‘man up’ when a situation occurs, but in cases like this we don’t look stronger, we look even weaker. But before God we are who He wants us to be and how He created us to be. Rather than reacting in the wrong way, sometimes it’s best to just listen!
    Taiwo Lawal x

  10. This is a good message for us who are single, its better to listen than to talk. Having the last words doesn't me you are right. I love the message

  11. It is very hard to be silent when you know that the other person is clearly in the wrong but being able to humble yourself God sees that & he will honour.


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