Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Last Saturday was the prelaunch of two very interesting books:

  • The V Woman, by Cristiane Cardoso and;
  • 40 Secrets for the single woman, by Nanda Bezerra; 

The official launch will be on the 24th of September at our branch in Finsbury Park.

Our Annual Woman's Convention will be at the same day, with many surprises!

Watch this space for more information soon...


  1. I loved the pre launch at Brixton it was such a good day and 40 secrets is a book I cannot put down k.Gordonuk

  2. Hi Mrs. Nanda, when will your book be available in the US? I'm super excited to read it! =]

  3. Elozi da Bruxelas Belgica

    Ms Bezerra! Those books are such help! We single young women of GOD need guidance so much! And I just can't wait to read "better than a new pair of shoes, 40 secrets for the single woman and the V-woman". BUT I live in Brussels (Belgium) and here I can't find any of those wonderful books. Here the church is developping so much and there are so many young women of GOD out there willing to learn more how to please HIM and to prepare also for marriage. BUT most of us speak FRENCH so please do not forget us and pleaaase make a translation of your amazing books in French Ms Cristiane and Ms Bezerra.

    Thank you for your blogs,you are true inspiration for us...

    GOD bless you.


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