Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Task #26 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Are you tired of soo many tasks?

Well my friends, being beautiful takes lots of work. Work in the physical sense (outside) and lots of work on the “inside” as well.

You can be gorgeous on the outside, care for yourself and take lots of care of your body and health but beauty is a combination of things that count on both the exterior and interior of a woman.

One of the ugliest things that exist is an unpleasant and selfish woman that only worries and thinks about herself. She even exudes an air of arrogance.

That selfishness can reach areas that you’ve never imagined and perhaps you are being selfish and don’t even know it. See how you can be selfish and not

-       If she wakes up in a bad mood, she’s not care at all about others around her. Let them put up with her! And there she goes with a sour face. She doesn’t worry about anyone around her. It’s understandable if it happens once in a while because we all have our “days” but when it happens frequently, that’s a whole different story.

-       If you are going through a problem, you put on your sour face and you couldn’t care less about those around you. Just look how selfish.

-       She says she is shy and that’s why she keeps her distance, she doesn’t approach people, she isolates herself and doesn’t worry about being pleasant, and after all, “that’s how I am” is what she thinks. Is that not a certain form of selfishness? Others feel uncomfortable around a woman that behaves this way.

Task #26 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Let’s be more aware of those around us. In reality that’s part of having a good education- smile at people and be pleasant. It’s a question of having the desire to charm those around us. Those of you that have a boyfriend, do you worry about being charming to him? Of course you do!

When it comes to your boss, you make it a point to please him, right? You never give him a sour face!

Well the objective here is the same but with no discrimination. It’s not because it’s the cleaning person that you will treat them differently or you won’t even bother being pleasant. The same consideration you show towards your colleagues will be the one you employ with her as well.

You can be sure, my friends, that by practicing something so simple things are going to change and you will see how people will begin to appreciate you much more!”


  1. Thank you very much Mrs Nanda, I'm going to start to put it all in to practice. I didn't realize that was another way of being selfish.

  2. liliana ferreira20 August 2011 at 14:13

    This is really true and i will for sure be doing this ...


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