Sunday, 18 December 2011

Just to go against the flow!

Today I wanted to do things differently...

Just to go against myself! Yes, simply for the sake of going 
against myself, challenging myself, to contradict my will. Still with 
the same purpose of thinking about doing my best, I decided that I 
wasn't going to do my will and early in the morning came my first challenge...

My husband asked me to do something and immediately the thought 
that I had other things to do came but I went against it. It's incredible 
that when we decide to do something, it seems that everything 
happens at the same time but it was very good. 

During the day I caught myself taking actions that were contrary to 
my will and do you know what?

It was wonderful! My day was excellent!

Now I ask: How can that be?

I stopped being selfish and thinking only about me: my time, my 
needs, my will, my tasks. Me, me, me.

I invite you to try this out, what do you think?

Dedicate at least one day this week to go against yourself. Don't 
give into your will. Challenge yourself, contradict your will, go 
against yourself. 

Take advantage of your day! :)

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