Sunday, 18 December 2011

Is change a good thing?

There are many ways to change…to move from one place to another, to change the way we dress, to change our hair style, to change our behavior, our way of thinking and so on….

Change is not always a welcome “guest”, especially when it’s to do with our inner character that is not pleasant to ourselves and to other people around us.

Many people do not understand the need to change or they don’t even want to change, because for us to change in something, we must truly want it.  We need to recognize it and this desire to change must come from within each one of us.

But when and how should we change?

Look around you. How is your life? How is your relationship with other people? How is your relationship with your husband? Children? Parents? And what about with yourself?

Is everything going wrong? Are you always involved in the same problems?

So you see, everything around you is shouting CHANGE, and the only one who does not see it is yourself. Friend, it is time to change.

Change usually causes pain; it requires resolve, attention, commitment and a great deal of determination from us. Some more profound changes cannot happen with our own strength and here lies another job for the Holy Spirit.  You can now see how important the fasting we are doing is.  Can you see how important and necessary He is in our lives?

Friends, there are some kind of changes that only God is able to help us! And these are surely the most important changes in our lives. Just the fact of Him being part of you and your life, it will already mark a great and wonderful change, but that is only the beginning.

In my opinion, we should always be changing because this shows we are looking to become better. And if we are truly changing, aren’t we then becoming better?

Dear friend, stop living a stagnated life. Has it been a long time since your life doesn’t change? So, it’s time to act!

Firstly seek the most important and powerful change someone could ever have. The Holy Spirit! With Him, you will breakthrough and you will understand that we cannot afford stopping in time. He will compel you to change, He will not allow you to continue the same … and many other changes will follow.

And answering the question that is the title of this article…to change, for the better, is wonderful. Change takes you away from a dull life, it makes you grow, mature, it makes you more beautiful and dearer to all those around you…it makes you happier!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mrs Nanda, the blog was most helpful


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