Sunday, 25 December 2011

A day Worthwhile!

Today was a wonderful day… To give is much better than to receive. My God, this is really true!

We went with a group of young women from the Sisterhood and also some lovely ladies from the V Woman, to visit a senior’s care home. We were so well received by everyone, and there was so much joy and laughter that we quickly got used to it!

We got there early in the morning and were shown around the home since the place was very big. Later, while they were having lunch we sang some songs with some music played by Priscilla (a Sisterhood pledge) on her guitar. We gave them each a present we had prepared, and after lunch for the ladies who wanted, we provided a manicure, pedicure and a massage! They loved it!

Before we left there was some more music and this time they wanted to dance! It was very funny! There was this particular lady who couldn’t stand for very long, but even sitting was still dancing.

When we left, some of them started to cry. I couldn’t believe it! They really needed what we were doing there. We only spent a few hours there and they didn’t want us to leave.

One of them asked us: “When are you coming back?”
-“Next year.” We said, because in only two weeks we would be in a new year.
-”Oh no. Not next year. I don’t even know if I will be alive next year!”

And we will be back for sure!

Another wonderful lady said: “These girls are making a difference in the world!”

It was a great joy to hear this, and even the young ladies from the Sisterhood were so happy that they couldn’t wait to come back. And we will go back! Next week we will visit another home, but we will surely return to see them again.

The perfume of our Lord being felt; what a wonderful fragrance!

Here are some pictures of that day. 

As soon as we got there at the home's entrance.

 This is Margaret, so kind and helpful. She showed us around.

 He was so charming and cheerful!

Eunice giving out her gift.

 Michelle, who couldn't stop crying. KKK

Aren't they beautiful!

Flavia did her nails and she loved it!

During lunch...

...With the girls singing. It was so beautiful! Oh...look at me trying to look like a singer! 

They also loved it and saw how important a simple gesture is in another person's life.

They all received a little gift prepared by us with love. Thank you Flavia for your hard work.

Us, preparing for the massage...

Practising it on Beverly's hands.

So dear and loving!

She enjoyed the massage.

This one was so quiet but she stayed till the end.

This one was the most talkative. She even told us about when she was 17 and how she lost her home and her cats during to the second world war. I loved listening to her.

We had Priscila playing the guitar. She played a lovely background music all the way through our visit.

Nails done!

The dearest ones. The ones that stayed till the end and that did not want us to leave...

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