Sunday, 25 December 2011

How do you See?

I may not have expensive clothes.

I may not have properties in my name or savings in my bank account. (As a missionary this is part of my sacrifice.)

I may not have a permanent place to live or the right to choose where I am going…

I may not have a diploma because I gave my life to serve Him on the altar when I was still very young.

I may not see my wonderful family or my lovely country very often.

I may not speak or write correctly.

I am not always proud of what I think or say.

I may look in the mirror and not be 100% pleased with what I see.

I may say, see and feel many things that many times I regret… but I consider myself to be one of the happiest and most fulfilled people on the face of this earth. Do you know why?

It’s not because of me, but because of Him!

He is my air, my joy, my fortress, my best friend, my first love, my motivation, my inspiration, my strength, my refuge!

Words do not do justice to what I want to explain in this moment… But I consider myself a truly rich person, because not even all the money in the universe would be able to buy what I have!

I have God Himself living inside of me through the Holy Spirit!

What could possibly be more precious than this?

He is able to love me in spite of all my flaws and limitations. Do you know why?

It is because He looks beyond my actions and sees the intention of my heart. And if we want to be like Him we have to do the exact same thing with people around us and even ourselves!

Unfortunately we usually have the habit of judging people and even ourselves very quickly, just because we said or did something we shouldn’t have. But even when we do something wrong, it’s because we were trying to do something right!

Those who are afraid of making mistakes and showing people that they are still learning, usually never get anywhere in life. For if we want to get somewhere in life, we have to try hard and not be afraid of exposing our mistakes. It is necessary to be willing to learn from them.

Dear friends, let us start looking at people and even ourselves in the same way that our Lord does. With love, care, and understanding

Thank you Lord for loving me in spite of my mistakes.  

By Flavia Barcelos – Pastor’s wife in England

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  1. This message has just blessed me tonight. I was thinking about things I said today that I shouldn't have said and ways I reacted or acted that now I see was out of emotion and honestly, I was beating myself up about it and felt so bad. But from this I see, we all make mistakes but God still loves me regardless and for as long as I am willing to learn I will change. We are all a work in progress.


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