Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merely an unprofitable servant...

Do you know when you do everything right and even still no one seems to notice?

Oh my! How frustrating!

It seems as if no one values you in spite of all of your efforts...

At home you do everything that your are asked to do.

At work you complete all of your tasks faithfully. 

With your family, at school... What's wrong with everybody?!

Can't they see?

All of you efforts to do exactly what must be done totally ignored!!!

Well, here goes the painful response... And please note, this response doesn't come from me but from the Lord Jesus himself...

"... So likewise you, when you have done ALL  those things which you are commanded, say, "We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do." 17:10

In other words friends...

When we have done everything that is expected of us.

When we fulfill all of our responsibilities, all of them done correctly...

We haven't done anything outstanding!

God expects a lot more of me and you!

Friends, this is so strong that I'm going to stop here and allow you to assimilate this message...



  1. Mrs Nanda you have said it all!

  2. Reading this makes me smile because I learnt this also for myself. I remember these exact words coming out of my mouth. You know what made me put my head down and swallow those words, was when I also saw someone do the same, complain. I could imagine how God feels when He sees us doing that.  What we do in comparison  to what Jesus has done for us is nothing compared. There always more we can do, and as servants we are always willing to do more.


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