Friday, 9 December 2011

I looked like a stubborn donkey!

Recently my husband mentioned something he did not like about me. Well, I felt so sad…Actually, I felt devastated…And every time I would behave that specific way, he would point it out to me and although I wouldn’t say a word, deep inside I would feel angry at him…What a brazen face! I was in the wrong but would feel angry at him. The truth is that I never though of changing, but would rather think he was exaggerating.

This is a very typical reaction as if this was some kind of self-defense mechanism. If anyone or your husband shows you your mistake, immediately we try to find the other person’s mistakes and start pointing that out too so we can defend ourselves. This becomes a vicious cycle and do you know what’s worse? We miss out on the opportunity to change.

I felt stagnant and he was always complaining…Until one day, I got revolted about this, not with him, but with myself.  You know what? I felt so humiliated, but is was there and then that God showed me my wrong and the penny finally dropped.

But it did not end there. No! I recognized my wrong, but what about what’s next? How to change? Then, there comes the most beautiful part. There was only one person who was able to help me- The Holy Spirit and that’s who I turned to…

I cried out and asked for help because I did not know what else to do to change that problem… My answer came in an unpredictable way. I started noticing some people who were acting the same way I did and I realized how irritating that was! I never noticed this particular thing in other people, but I was now starting to see how unpleasant this was, and the Holy Spirit just talking to me…”can you see? This is exactly how he feels when you do this too.”

That’s when the change began to happen in me. It came from inside out. I felt ashamed of myself and the more I noticed that attitude in people, the more I would change too.

My husband noticed a change in me; not something forced but it was something natural and I can tell you: I felt like a giant!

Isn’t it wonderful to have such a dear father that directs us and that helps us in ways we don’t expect?

Isn’t it wonderful to know that He is always with us?

Isn’t it wonderful to hear His voice?

Well, only those who know Him know how wonderful He is.

Friends, let’s make the most of the 21 days fasting of Daniel for this purpose!

To get to know Him and to get even closer to Him.  We will only gain!!!

The fasting will begin on December the 11th when we will switch off from everything that has nothing to do with Him.

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