Thursday, 1 December 2011

Are you living like a Midget?

Many times we are so unfair with ourselves and even being giants we start living like midgets.

What do you mean Nanda?

How can I live a midget's life???

Today I woke up with this idea and decided to write about it... To live a life full of insecurities is to be a giant, but live like a midget.

You can, if you want, but you have accepted that midget's idea that says you are not capable.

You are so beautiful, but accept the the midget's thought that tells you are not good enough.

You are so intelligent, but in this midget's life, feels so stupid.

You tried something and it did not work and there comes the midget's idea... You are good for nothing!

You have a husband or a boyfriend and stick to them like chewing gum because with this midget's life, you see yourself so small and insignificant...  You can't your real worth.

We usually minimise ourselves so much. Have you noticed it?

We need to wake up and look at ourselves and see if we are living this midget's life!

We are giants and as such we need to see things from above and not below.

Are you living a midget's life????

If so, it's time to change it! It's time to see ourselves as our God and creator, sees us... Giants and powerful!!!

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