Saturday, 7 January 2012

Things men do that annoy women...

Hi everyone!

I just came home from an amazing Therapy of Love meeting.

The "theme" today was: Things women do that annoy men.

Well, well... That was very interesting.

You know what was the best part of it?

They were talking about things we do that annoy them, but at the same time they did it in a very respectful way and nobody felt offended (at least not me and the people I spoke to after the meeting...).

They were so caring not to offend and only to help us, and even though I already respect all those men so much, now it's even more!!!

Next week is our turn, we will speak of things they do that annoy us and I would like to hear from you too.

Please add here your comment with things they do that annoy you and I'll choose the best ones for us to talk next Saturday.

If you missed today, don't miss it next week!!!

Therapy of Love at the Rainbow Theatre. Saturday 7pm, 232 Seven Sisters Road, London N4.

See you all there!!


  1. I am so gutted that I missed it.. Was it recorded?

  2. One of the things that annoys me aboutmen (the men with the small m) is when they let some women over step them. They do everything the woman tells them to do, just to please them. They let the woman have the last say. Yes at times we women deman it but we want Men, who will know how to use his autority.Although we can want our way, deep down we also want someone who is firm in his decisions and decieded, not a banana.

  3. 1. One of the things thay are annoying about men form personal experience is clinginess, if a clingy needy woman is bad there is nothing worst that a man like this there are not very many but they are out there. A man who is constantly calling you, wanting you to say i love you, constantly nagging you for not saying im love you in the right way. back bone - a man who is unable to make decisons, let alone stick by them, "where do you want to go for lunch? i dont know where do you want to go."

    this is just from personal experience.

    hope this helps

  4. Okay Mrs Nanda...
    One thing that I find annoying is when Men expect Women to be like them. Naturally Women were created with more emotion and when it is shown (under control) we are labeled as emotional and has them asking why we can't be more like them, and being told to "Man up".
    This is my point, hope the men can be more attentive =]


  5. Hi Miss Nanda, i really enjoyed the love therapy today it was really helpful and i got all my notes which i will put into practice when that time comes. I can't wait for next week so i got some things that men do that annoys us ladies.

    Here are some things that men do that annoy us:

    Urinating on the toilet seat and not cleaning up.
    use 10 drinking glasses a day instead of one and leaving them dirty.
    Paying too much attention on Gadgets ok... i understand they love their Ipad,Xbox and smartphone, but if your spending more time looking at a screen than the person you're with.... there will be problems.

    Deciding to cook and expecting for us to do the washing up without negotiating (informing us)

    They think that bins empty themselves.

    washing up and leaving the cups the right way up rather than upside down to drain.

    Asking us if we've seen something for example the can opener we tell them where it is, they came back nagging because they can't find it so we have to stop doing what we're doing or get up go and look for it and is exactly where we told them.

    Ruling the remote control for us, that means having to watching an endless parade of sports programmes and bad action films ect.

    Miriam Malecama

  6. Men who are controlling... that's really annoying!

  7. Hi Mrs Nanda
    One of the things he does that annoy me is ... he takes too long to answer my questions ... such as - are you gonna drink orange juice or grape juice? and then after 10 mins comes the answer ... Coke ... :)

    In faith

  8. The way they find to contratict or desagree with every little silly things or opinion even when the opinion was not asked, for the sake of not annoying they could just nod or say okay. Sample : people in this city are so nice! or ...this dress looks like red" Woman's expression. Than there he goes: Not really, people of this city are very reserved! ... Not really this dress is wine not red. And it goes on and on for every silly opinion, OMG it's very annoying, hope I am not offending :)

  9. Hmm, this just hit me today because it happen twice. Body odour, seriously, i walked past a youth today and as soon as i smelt him, its like i moved backwards... its something simple as that that is kind of annoying if it is constant...

  10. Forgeting special days, gosh, that rearly annoy me. Daisy FPK

  11. HI Mrs Nanda Bezerra, I would love to be part of the panel on saturday, I have been married to my husband for 5 and a half, we also have a son together but there are many things i can say that men do to annoy women. I will email you all the details lol. Kind Regards
    Gresa x

  12. What annoys me is that fact that majority of the time men they don't seem to listen to us, what I mean is that what we says is never taken seriously or inconsideration. And when men are indecisive – this really annoys me. Nancy D

  13. Hi Mrs Nanda,

    I have to say the meeting last week was a blessing. Some of the things the men mention were as they were stubbing my heart, but for good! I am very grateful for these meetings.
    Now here are some of the things that annoy me about men:
    1. When talking about something and they change the subject randomly, as they weren't paying attention at what you were saying.

    2. When they are too stubborn to reason (for example, the sentence "I already said it and will not repeat it again" or "this is more adds to this story").

    3. When they don't notice a change in you (Example: new hair cut or new look) or if they noticed they don't complement you.

    4. My dad is a good cook but I never liked him to cook because he would always revolutionist the kitchen.

    5. When after a long day tidying up the house they come in doors with their shoes or they leave things everywhere.

    I could continue writing my mum and I have to live with 3 men at home (dad and my 2 brothers)



  14. One of the things that men do that annoys me is that they delay too much when asked to do something.

  15. Hi Mrs Nanda,

    I would like to add my comment as i was in the Love therapy last saturday. Attending this meetings has been a great blessing for me. I went through a hard break up but finally recovered from it. This meetings has been like a Heart healing medications; everytime I go God heals and allows me to trust that my Love life will be blessed.

    Two main things that annoys me are:

    1) A man who is indiscive. His yes is not a yes nor is no's. He is not sure.

    2) A man who compares you to another woman. I.e. you should be more bigger or have long hair; dress in this certain way has so and so dresses.

  16. Liliana Ferreira11 January 2012 at 05:59

    One thing that annoys me about SOME men is (just how we are emotional which I know its bad) they are Proud, when you give them your opinion no matter what you say they are right and we are wrong.....

    Some men act like little babies which can be very annoying they are 25 and act like 16 .... (lol)

  17. When I was younger the No 1 things at the time were...

    1.Leaving the toilet seat up! grrrrr
    2.Sock/clothes on the floor
    3.They speak another language to us and don't get us woman many a times..yes let's blame the them for that
    4.They get so upset when their football team's only a game he he
    5.Try to take the whole world on their sholders, they should let us help sometimes ;O)
    6.You see them look at a woman and they deny it, this used to make me mad, not that he was looking (well at times yes) but the lie was too much over something so obvious.

    I think men annoy us more when we annoy them.

    I am looking forward to Saturday! I indentified some things I need to change so I don't annoy anyone in the future :O)

    See you all on Saturday,

    Lisa H x

  18. Hi my name is Rosemary Kalu Ajike, i would want to have an opinion on things that men does to annoy their women. my email is

    a.lack of communication skills, its good to keep intouch either by email or phone.
    b. work alcoholic-all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.Not having time for your partner, perhaps taking them out for dinner or place of worship.
    c.voilent and verbal men,insultive men. God can change the unchangeable,if your partner have an attitude it might be because of their past experience, try to address the issue and seek pastors solution other than swearing at her.
    d.selfishness, not considering your partner with finacial support,emotional and general house work, most men considers their culture and live every work for their spouse.its really ideal for two parties to assist each other.
    e.commenting and admiring other women on social network and never value and appreciate their partners.
    f.demanding alot of money from other partner, women have to be careful in spending because whichcraft manipulation can influence this,when a men has another women outside he demands money and spend on her.
    g.forgeting birthdays,anniversaries and valentine day.
    h.indulging in gossip with third parties regarding your life time partner.This can break homes.
    i.Being seceretive and unfaithfulness.
    h.prolonging courtship and not proposing to your partner ontime. conclusion will be for both partners to date belivers other than unbeliver.

  19. Men are not inclined to listen to women when they are driving and the woman is giving the instructions. They would rather drive and get lost, than listen to the woman's advice.

  20. It's extremely annoying when men sit with their legs excessively wide open opposite people they don't even know, invading their personal space and/or taking up 4 seats on public transport. It's not intimidating or impressive... just gross

    Women don't sit with their arms excessively wide open and so there's just no reason for this.

    I have to say the Men were not doing this last Saturday so respect where it is due.


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