Sunday, 15 January 2012

You Defended her Mom...

Nanda, I agree with all of the advice that you gave that young girl. But you are definitely defending the mom.
You are doing what most people do in thinking that it's always the daughter's or son's fault and that's not true.
That young lady most certainly must follow your advice, not because she's wrong, but because with those "weapons" she is going to change her mother.
Of course that young lady must have defects, but we all do. Her mother should know that and value her, even more so if she is an assistant.
I say to you young lady, don't wait for people to value you, even your own mother and even if everyone blames you. Jesus know's your worth and He understands you and that's enough. 

My dear,

That was my opinion and in reality it was the young lady that was asking for advice and not her mother. This being so, it is she who has the power to change- do you know what I mean? My advice has to be for her and not for her mother. 

And sincerely, I believe that a mother deserves respect and I perceived a lack of respect in the way she wrote. 

I'm not saying that moms are always right, but it is necessary to understand that mothers are humans and can also make mistakes- even is she is an assistant. Assistants are also humans. 

If she puts into practice that advice that was given, I'm sure that the situation will change. Feeling sorry for her and telling her how wrong her mother is won't change the situation, right?

I was also a daughter that had many problems with my mom, if I had only had a Christian foundation and advice like this, everything would have been different... I have no doubt about that...


  1. I understand where this person is coming from; it's easy to say that this girl who asked for advice said she was doing her best.
    But God said, "When you have done all those things which were commanded say, "We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do." (Luke 17:10) I beleive God is using that girl's situation to teach her to strive to do even more and even better to build in her a strong character. Because if she can use hwta her mum says and change then every time another person comes to critise her and not value her what she is doing she will be humble to accept and will strive to do more and that will make her to be a true blesing wherever she goes. Its a beautiful transformation in the making xx

  2. Priase God Mrs. Nanda. I agree with your advice for this young lady. As christian young ladies we should learn and understand that our moms speacially when they are of God, they love us so much that they want to see us 100%. Its each morther's desire to see her young girl more of God. I am young and i use to think my mom was hard on me until i came to learn that she is being use by God to guide me.

  3. Hi Mrs responding to the e-mail of the young laidy you recntly gave advise.Before i came to church i had the same problem with my dad.he was single and i had to do everything for him,i wash for him,cook for him and there came a time i use to sacrifise my time just to do what he request from me But one of him,he never appreciate all that i have done and i felt bad inside and i started to hate him.until i came to church is when i learn that if i want someone to change i first need to begin with the change,whether he's the one who's attitude and the way i do things.i thank god for the universal church and as well as for my dad because if it was'nt for him i would'nd how to go an extra mile in life,to do more than am expected to do.


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