Monday, 2 January 2012

I'm an adolescent

Mrs. Nanda, 

I am merely a 12 year old adolescent and my parents are not going to the New Year's vigil and I really want to go... Should I seek the Holy Spirit during the final moments before the new year? What should I do?

My lovely what joy to know that young girls like yourself follow this blog!

What a marvelous and God inspired idea you've had!
Yes, do that indeed.  Start the new year in God's presence and it doesn't matter where you are, He is going to be there with you. 
That is already an excellent step to start the new year in the best possible way. 

A kiss for you  and all of the dear readers that make of this blog an instrument in the hands of God. 

Just wishing a happy new year full isn't going to change your or my life, so I won't do that...

But I determine that this year 2012, you and I are going to excel through our own actions based on God's will!

We are going to succeed!

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