Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Price of Disobedience

I was 7 years old when my brother and I were waiting at home 
parents to come home from work. A little while later my dad calls 
to tell for my us that he's on his way and was only going to stop 
by a shop before coming home.
Immediately I ask:-"Dad, let us go over there to meet you!"

- "No, my daughter! Daddy is on his way!" My dad answered. 

I insisted- "Please, let us!"

Again he said no -"There's no need for that my daughter, 
I'm already on my way."

But I, anxious and disobedient, asked for the third time -" Dad, 
let us.... we can make it there quickly!"

Defeated by my insistence my dad agreed - "Alright, come 
with your brother and I'mm meet you there."


I was so happy and I ran out with my brother (who at the 
time was 11 years old.) We left our house and went to meet our 

When we reached the main road (it was very busy), I quickly 
spotted my dad on the other side of the street.

We decided to cross over right there (I didn't want to go all 
the way to the pedestrian walkway).

I looked both ways quickly and I ran in my dad's direction happily!

All of a sudden, BOOOOM!.... I was hit by a car!!!!

I was launched meters away! Just like a rag doll I twirled in the 
air and I was thrown very far from where I was.

I was rushed to the hospital. While inside the car, I didn't understand 
what had happened, I placed my hand over my face and it was full 
of blood. I fell into despair! I cried a lot!!!

Oh how I regretted having been anxious and disobedient! But, 
at the time, it was already too late.

I spent a few days in the hospital and returned home but till this 
day I carry a scar with me! :(

With my sad story I want to show you that if you are anxious and 
disobedient, sooner or later you will suffer the consequences. 
Perhaps God is talking with you the same way my dad insisted with 

He is saying: "Don't do that, my daughter, wait!" And you, perhaps, 
are acting like I did. 

Be careful friends. Don't wait to have a "scar" that you will regret 

Kisses and till next time.

Written by Raquel Ouverney, a pastor's wife in England

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  1. Thank you, for posting its true sometimes we dont want to wait on God. With our love life, financial success, being raise in Chruch we just want it. Than and there without wating and praying to God. At times God knows better and tell us to wait a bit he is coming with our blessing.


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