Tuesday, 31 January 2012

When it starts hurting more…

Most of the time, we bear a situation to the point it starts hurting even more and we become so overwhelmed that we let go of all that we conquered for so long.

Thinking about sacrifice, which one is the greatest of all? The one we cannot forget?

Well, it is the sacrifice that the Lord Jesus did for us, our Savior, who died on a cross so that we could be forgiven and saved.  But have you ever thought what could have happed should Jesus have given up when the moment came when it started hurting more?

Just the thought of it brings me great fear because we would not have the right to salvation…

Now, just picture this…There He is, our Lord Jesus, crucified and in the middle of His sacrifice, suddenly, when He is almost there, the pain gets stronger…What if He had asked the Father to end all that and to abort the mission? All that He had done on earth would have been in vain. All would be lost because a mission can only be a success or a failure. And if it’s not a success then the failure doubles!

We must bring this example to our own life. It is when it’s hurting the most that we should lift up our heads and go on! Because it is He who confirms in His word that He does not give us more than what we can cope with. Therefore, when the pain gets stronger, and if we give up, we will be throwing out the window all that we have already conquered!

And even if more and more situations come our way that makes it look like our fights are even greater, we must persevere, because if our Savior came to this world in form of a man, it was to show us that if we have the Spirit of God, although being “mere humans” we will be victorious!!!!

Written by Priscila Rebequi. (pictured above)

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