Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Prince Who Turned into a Frog

I’ve been reflecting a lot about marriage these days. 

I must say, it has been very interesting taking a look at where my marriage began. So much has happened since then, I cannot even recognise the woman I was back then. When I got married at 20 years, I was immature, to say the least, and so as expected, I made many mistakes.

See, I grew up reading romance novels. From the time I was eleven years old, I would grab my mother’s romance novels and would lose myself in their pages. From one hero to another, I learned one thing – somewhere out there, there was a man who would do everything I wanted him to do, say everything I wanted him to say, in the way I wanted him to, he would give me everything I wanted to receive, be everything I wanted him to be. And, in that rare moment that he did anything contrary to my will, he would quickly come running to apologize. Oh, how I couldn’t wait to meet this Prince Charming!

You can imagine how excited I was to get married. 

I was finally going to live my fairytale. I was ready to be swept off my feet and be charmed by my prince. But, the prince I married turned out to be a frog! (So it seemed to the girl who believed in fairytales).  He never did anything I expected him to, always said the wrong thing, didn’t explain his point of view as patiently and gently as those Mills & Boons heroes did, he never allowed me to have the last word, never talked for hours on end, like a best friend. It’s funny now, but back then, it was painful to realize that the perfect man I’d hoped for didn’t exist. What now?

It was time to wake up! And maybe, it’s time for you to wake up too. True love isn’t a mere feeling. It isn’t selfish expectations. It isn’t those butterflies you feel in your stomach. No! True love is far better, far stronger, far superior than the idea of love painted by Hollywood and romance novels. True love is sacrifice, action, it is a decision – the sooner you learn how to separate love from your feelings, the sooner you can 
experience true love. 

By Moti Bernardino

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  1. Oh wow Mrs. Nanda, first of all I like your honesty in this post, second of all I used to read this love novel books especially the love part and I lived in the world of fantasies lool. Until I had to come to reality and this only happened when I had my encounter with God that when I understood the true meaning of sacrifices which in this post is well said.

    Thanks for posting.
    Carole Basseck


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