Saturday, 21 January 2012

Men also read...

Good morning Mrs. Nanda, 

Wow, it's very strange to be writing here. But, I don't know, at the same time that I find it weird, I think it's necessary. Like a way of venting. And also just in case someone else reads this comment 
and is helped by it. 

I'm a 28 year old man, I have a two year old son and I have been separated for 4 months now. I decided to post this comment precisely because this blog is written by a woman. 

I always thought that I was powerful, the "man", that dominated any situation, proud, arrogant and full of myself. Because of that, and because I distanced myself from the presence of the Lord
Jesus, I lost my family. My husband and child left. It was an 8 year marriage, and in the UCKG. 

But I decided to write this comment after reading a post here, and more precisely , due to a response given by a young lady. 

A few months ago I thought I was the all powerful owner of reason and today I find myself reading your blog, Vivi Freitas and Cristiane Cardoso's blog. Things that would have been impossible for me 4 months ago, before the separation. 

Thanks to the Lord Jesus he has given a chance and it is with great happiness that I have returned to His arms. And reading your blog (because you are a woman) and being marveled and bewildered by what I read here (words that a inspired by the Spirit of wisdom) is a reason for happiness in me because I see the changes that God has done inside of me. 

I hope this comment can help a man or woman, either or, who thinks they are something or thinks they are capable on their own, to revise their own concepts and values and come to understand that only the Lord Jesus can indeed capacitate someone. 

May He illuminate you very, very much and I hope with all of my heart, because I needed to read women's blogs (because I thought that women were only the weaker part) to realize that God doesn't chose the capacitated, He capacitates His chosen ones. 

All of this I said because I thought that what was really "precious" was to be a man and now I see how "valuable" it is to be of GOD, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. While I read the answer that you gave on your blog I thought to myself: "how I would like 1% of the Spirit that she has". But I know that God doesn't give his Spirit in measure and when I receive him, I am confident that I will be the happiest person of all time. 

Dear Friend, 

All vents are welcome (as long as they are like this one...hehehe). I am happy to know that such simple messages have reached and helped you, in spite of them being written with women in mind...

And do you know what? Fight to receive what is most Precious in this life and everything else will be added on, including your family!

Continue in this faith and you said everything! God doesn't give his Spirit in measure... Receive Him 100%! And be the man that you family so desires and needs. 

In faith, 
Nanda Bezerra

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