Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The day God got angry with me ...

Another day I was very beautiful and splendid making my prayer, when

the scolding came with all fury ...

I said ... "My God, help me, I want to make a difference" ... and

repeated "Oh my God, help me to make a difference"

At that moment came the unexpected answer ...

"Until when will you be praying for me to do something that YOU have to do?!"

"Want to make a difference? Go and do it! Act! Think! Act! "

"Few are those who are acting and many who, like you, are praying and

asking Me to do what THEY have to do!"

It really made me think! 

By the way, I'm sure God loves it when people think instead of doing things


Let us look around us and try to see how many are those who are

really making a difference... At work, at church, in the family,

at home and even in hell!

Less souls in hell means that someone is making a difference right?! 

In situations where nobody stands out, is even easier! Because even

the minimum you do, will be a difference!

Making a difference is not so difficult, because few are doing it, but

also not so easy ... It will require sacrifices ...

Thinking about it, I started with my list (now I have lists for everything!)...

Things you need to do to start making a difference:

  1. First of all! Beware of the intentions of your heart. Your desire must be to please God and not to "show off", to draw the attention of someone or to reach a position.
  2. Observe, see what nobody wants to do, go ahead and do for Jesus.
  3. Be available and make yourself available.
  4. Do things without people having to tell you to do. For this you need to think and see what needs to be done.
  5. Do not be lazy! This is very important!
  6. Escape from routine. The routine can make you lazy did you know?
  7. Always do more than what you have been asked for. Go the extra mile.

Look at your life. Have you been making a difference in the lives of your

husband and family? In your work? In your church?

All for Jesus?

I'm still compiling my list, but I'm already working at it ... If you have more

things to add, please write your comment ...


  1. I have the same dream make a difference to stand out on what I do, it is hard but going to make it! by the way 2# and number 3# caught my attention, it really helped me :-]

    Keep writing!

  2. this happened to me alot of times..i kept on asking god for things in my life...and i kept on praying the same prayer everyday..and everyday..and like miss nanda...i heard a voice saying.."YOU KEEP ON PRAYING THE SAME PRAYERS EVERYDAY!! I ALREADY HEARD THEM A THOUSAND TIMES ALREADY!"..START TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PRAYERS..BECAUSE I ALREADY ANSWERD ALL OF THEM..ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ACT! this really,sincerely helps me alot.thank u miss nanda!collene.

  3. Very strong Mrs Nanda!
    God can really be happy when we think and act, sometimes in life is not about prayer but is about acting.
    God already gave us His Word, The name of Jesus and His Spirit; what else do we want???
    TODAY, I will make my list to be different, thank you Mrs Nanda for the advice!!!

  4. I like this blog because we always have to go an extra mile to do better or more effort into the work, to improve oue everyday routine (:


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