Saturday, 19 June 2010

Kill Lady Fifi

Lady Fifi is well known by all.

Generally, she is popular, happy, extroverted and knows everyone’s business!

If you want to find something out, all you have to do is find her!

She knows who’s coming, who went, who’s going, when they are going, what they did, what they said, what they wore and the list goes on…

My friend, if you’ve been a famous Lady Fifi, you can change that today!

Reasons! There are loads!

First, because it is very unpleasant.

Second, because you are actually being used by people who want to obtain information about others - that’s assuming you don’t blurt out everything you know and end up giving too much information to those who are not even interested in knowing, that’s even more unpleasant.

Third, you end up being an indiscreet person and as a result the people that could actually add something to your life will keep away and maintain a distance.

Fourth, gossip reveals a person that doesn’t possess God’s character.

So, next time you hear some useless information or gossip, let the comment die in you - don’t pass it on!

You’ll see, it will be the start of a new life!

Kill the Lady Fifi within you!


  1. Sometimes it happens so subtly, you might never notice when someone is gossiping to you or when you're doing it.

  2. Yes let's kill it!!! We cannot make part of such things.

  3. Lady Fifi has to go away, true. This is a very unpleasant character and one that's loved mostly by us young women. It tarnishes the character of God in us , and it must not be part of who we are.

  4. Yes I totally agree that lady Fifi has to go away because its this type of person that can destroy others lovelife aswell as familly realationships.This also totally destroys your God given character and this make a young lady look old and sound old this should not be part of us not at all.


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