Thursday, 10 September 2009


After my conversion, I became accustomed to hearing old friends and family members saying how I had suffered a brainwash. 

As a matter of fact I can imagine how many people have heard and continue to hear similar comments.

But do you know what?

They were all right!

Before my encounter with Jesus I used to do, think and say the most awful things!

I was very unhappy, not on the outside, but inside of me.

On the outside I was always smiling, inside always crying.

There were many sorrows and grudges, people that I couldn’t get myself to forgive. There was much sadness, much guilt and nastiness.

After I was converted, baptized and experienced an encounter with my God…

All of the horrible things I used to say and feel disappeared, it was all erased!

The sorrows and grudges vanished. I forgave!

The old Nanda was washed and put out! She gave way to a new Nanda that was better and truly happy.

They are right guys! 

It was indeed a true washing but not limited just to the brain. It was a general wash!

And do you know what else?!

There is nothing better!

Well then, how about a brainwash?

1 comment:

  1. A full body and soul wash! That's right! I'm in!


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