Monday, 11 July 2011

Task #22 of the 40 Day Dare for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

My dears,

Before getting back to our Dare, I would like to thank you all for your patience because I know that there have been long intervals between tasks, which in fact isn't ideal.

Now getting back to the subject at hand...Thank you all for your care and understanding!

Being beautiful is not easy!

If you think that merely taking care of your body, your hair, your clothing, etc. is going to make you
lovely, you are fooling yourself. 

Beauty encompasses many different factors and if we want to become even lovelier, it gets even more difficult.

We can have a beautiful appearance, but their are certain things that can mar all of our exterior beauty and today I am going to speak about one of them...


You can ask whoever you want, it's a fact, a lazy woman is not attractive, on the contrary, people want to keep their distance. In reality, it's not only limited to women but since we are focusing on the feminine side, we will stay on that path...

And so, do you eat the bread of laziness?

It is said that lazy people don't admit that they are so in order to make it very clear and do unmask what is hidden, lets list a few signs.

The lazy woman:

  • She always wakes up late and is constantly running late to her appointments.
  • She leaves everything for later and ends up not doing it.
  • She is always searching for an excuse to justify why she hasn't got things done.
  • She leads a chaotic life, nothing is organized or planned, after all, just by thinking about it makes her tired.
  • She only do things out of obligation or because she feels forced.
  • She rarely take initiatives.
  • Her room and things are always a mess.
  • She generally doesn't finish what she starts. 
  • She doesn't look for things to do, the more free time, the better.
  • She spends hours in front of the TV, even though she has lots of things to do.
  • She doesn't like to think but she loves dreaming.
  • She is selfish, she only thinks about herself and her well-being.
  • She's comfortable.
Well, it's not a coincidence that the lazy woman loses points in the beauty department.

Task #22 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

You can change this situation, be honest with yourself and if you admit and wish to change, start today!


Review the list above and do the opposite.


  1. This comment made me think more on what lazy means because I just thought it was someone who doesn't do anything at all but it also apply for people who are not really organized & that's something I need to work on.

  2. well be for coming to church was lazy in a demonic way, thank God that has changed.


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