Sunday, 19 June 2011

Task # 21 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

You know when your boss tells you off at work?

You know when your husband reprimands you?

You know when your mother tells you a few truths to your face?

You know when your friend says that you’re wrong?

Think about how you reacted the last time something like this happened…

Was your reaction to isolate yourself?

Well, I’ve also reacted so nonsensically but this reaction comes straight from hell!

You think to yourself…now I’m going to stay in my little corner, I won’t say anything more, it’ll be just me and God!

But do you know what God has to say about that?

Proverbs 18:1… Get ready because this is very strong! I’m going to place this verse in the “feminine” so that we can feel it fit like a glove…

“Whoever isolates herself seeks her own desire; she breaks out against all sound judgment.”

Do you see that? And we even dare to say that we want to do God’s will?

Just to summarize this verse in my own words…

“When we isolate ourselves we show that we are proud, foolish (for who else breaks out against wisdom if not a fool?), annoying, ugly and unpleasant!

And there is more… We are not doing God’s will but instead, your own will!”

Task #21for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Let’s change this people! Let’s change this wrong attitude that is ugly and diabolic! Division, rebellion and isolation are all works of the devil and they shouldn’t make part of the behavior of a woman that wishes to be more beautiful.”

Whenever you feel the need to isolate yourself for whatever reason, remember this verse, analyze your situation and take humble actions that go against your will.

Let us not be proud, rebellious, foolish and ugly.


  1. I'm amazed at people, especially pastors and their wives who analyze their situation and take humble actions after doing a mistake or error. It's hard to find them nowadays.

  2. Waou je viens de prendre une gifle, car j'aime m'isoler mais comme pour moi c'était un effort d'être avec quelqu'un de rester le moins possible seule c'est tous les jours que je fais cet effort mais le désir de m'isoler est là, je suis heureuse de voir que s'en savoir j'ai bien agit en luttant contre ce désir mais je suis choqué d'apprendre que c'était mal... MERCI MERCI MERCI du fond du coeur

  3. Wow! This message is very strong. There has been many times I've been told something that I never liked, so I would isolate myself thinking it stops me from getting hurt. Not knowing it's another way of being proud.
    “Whoever isolates herself seeks her own desire; she breaks out against all sound judgment.”
    From now on I'm going to analyze myself when ever I'm in a situation like that again.


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