Friday, 3 June 2011

Task# 20 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

Hi girls! Let’s leave all that laziness aside and get back to our Dare, shall we?!!! : )

-The reason behind my trauma! lol

One beautiful day, someone decided to make pea soup in a pressure cooker. I remember that I was calmly walking past the kitchen when suddenly…


There were peas shooting out in all directions, even on the ceiling!

After that, I hated making beans (I would run from it.) It was as if at any moment the pressure cooker was going to explore (the next time you cook beans you will remember me for sure…lol.)

Many years later while in a supermarket in Namibia, I saw it but it seemed as if I were looking at a mirage. I blinked a few times, read the label again, confirmed it with a salesperson and finally believed it!!! It was true!

A silent and electric pressure cooker!!! Woohooo, it could only have been a woman who went through the same thing as I that came up with such a brilliant idea.

I didn’t think twice! I grabbed the cooker with such joy and with a smile on my face I headed to the cash register to pay. I got home and I cooked beans, can you believe it?!

The cooker is silent and it turns off by itself!!! You enter the time when you want it to shut down and it turns off on its own (please contact the manufacturers because I deserve a commission!!! Hehehe.)

Yes girls, sometimes you have a pressure cooker in your life!

It’s that situation that traumatized you one day. Someone that said something that hurt, a relationship that didn’t end well, a betrayal… And every time you are faced with that “pressure cooker,” you react in a negative way remembering what happened to you in the past and with the fear of having it happen again in the future!

In your head, you are saying “I will never eat beans again!!!”

Can you imagine that?!! Note at those delicious beans with rice???
That divine black bean dish?!!! Not a chance!!!

We have to challenge that pressure cooker!!! Look at it and say “I’m going to defeat you !!!”

Task #20 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“You are going to face your traumas! No more running away from them! Free yourself of them!! If there is something that traumatizes you and makes you act negatively, you are now going to, in an intelligent way, use your faith and change your actions so that that trauma can transform into a marvelous testimony!!!”

I was very traumatized in my love life before getting married due to all of the “cookers” I had the past. I thought I would never be happy and because of that my actions really destroyed everything! 

After I found my Lord I learned to use my faith positively and intelligently and I found my electric cooker!!! What a marvelous cooker!!! 

Today I have my blackbeans every day!!! :)

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  1. Laura Mauritius3 June 2011 at 11:03

    Mrs Nanda you are a wonderful and bless woman of God. I love your authorship, it is so helpful and your experiences are so enriching, thank you for sharing them, only God knows how much your english articles do help me a lot, I understand a little of portuguese. Continue to translate them please, thank you:)


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