Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hello Friends,

Today I would like to share a story that a reader wrote explaining her experience while participating in the 40 day task for Becoming a Lovelier Woman.


Nanda Bezerra

How are you Mrs. Nanda?...

I would like to share, with you and all that follow your blog, the testimony of a group of girls that decided to participate in the “Tasks for Becoming a Lovelier Woman!”

During this task various tasks were stimulated with the intention of having them become daily habits and this is something that has changed our lives, our actions and it has molded us into women that are more pleasant to God. I determined that it would be like that inside of me and of course, with lots of sacrifice we are changing the way that we think, act, speak and even care for ourselves, for God lives in the Temple (the church) and lives in us human beings, that are also “temples.” There is nothing better than maintaining the appearance of God inside of us! I say “us” because a group of 8 woman of God that wish to be better are doing it together.

Well, in reality I started this purpose by myself. Before this Dare started I had begun asking God to give me a direction so that I could learn to take better care of my character, my appearance, daily routine and just then you started the “40 Day Dare for Becoming a Lovelier Woman.” I dove in headfirst and from the first day I could se change in my faith, it was stronger and more in tune with God. 

God’s guidance was given early in the morning and with every task that came, the joy and visible results in my character, in the way I organized myself and in my spiritual life were so great that I couldn’t hold back!

I printed a few of the tasks and I asked a few young ladies if they had faith to change and become even lovelier for God. They readily accepted and so we started the purpose. We would meet every day and jot down in our agendas our daily occurrences and what we needed to work on. 

Today I can say that all of them, and I say that without a doubt, all of them have changed from water to wine. I can see it in their faces, the desire to be even lovelier inside in order to please God!
With regards to the Daniel’s Fast that started, it was what gave us strength to sacrifice to the Holy Spirit, it took us out of our routine and brought us closer to God. Mrs. Nanda, I’m very happy and I’m sure that in the next 20 days we will be transformed on the inside and outside….


Silmara Sabino

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