Monday, 16 May 2011

Task #18 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

I don’t exactly remember when but I know that it was early on in my walk in faith that something spoke very strongly with me and I never forgot it.

“Zeal for your house will consume me.”

If I’m not mistaken (please confirm) it is written in John 2:17.

Upon arriving at the temple and seeing the mess in which it was in, the Lord Jesus became revolted!

He turned over the tables and began to kick out the merchants and all who were there with an objective other than seeking God.

In my mind when I imagine this scene, I see tables, pigeons and feathers flying in all directions!

Aside from the obvious lesson we can learn from reading these facts, there is something else that God showed me with regards to this and since then I began to practice it in my life wherever I go.

The zeal of the Lord’s house consumes me every day.

Please note that this isn’t something that came from me, it’s not in my nature at all! Generally I’m a bit absent minded when it comes to this and I don’t notice things, but after this, I began obligating myself to take notice. It was something that was initiated and that I continue to perfect each day.  
I remember that I was already an assistant and after this I began going to church differently.
A small piece of paper on the floor and there I was to pick it up.

Not to mention the bathrooms!!! My mother-in-law is a witness (I’m just not sure if she remembers) but I was constantly buying hand soap, toilette paper and hand towels for drying and even a rug for the public bathroom!! Hehehe

I would always go and inspect to see that everything was alright and I would get upset when I found something dirty or broken.

I also remember the pastor’s and assistant’s kitchen and bathroom- every month I had to buy something to make it better and I liked cleaning the church as well.

Not to mention the Sunday School!

I tell you from the bottom of my heart, I never did any of it to call a pastor or bishop’s attention but since then the zeal of my Lord’s house consumes me and I know that He knows that.

When I awoke to this I also started to perceive that many people don’t know the importance of that zeal which is why I would like to invite you to wake up to this fact.

Task #18 for Becoming a Lovelier Woman

“Now with this “understanding,” you will seek to be more alert to this and you will look for ways to demonstrate to God you zeal for His house.”

Did you notice the bathroom was dirty? What does it take to clean it? You’re not an assistant? So what? That can’t stop us!

Did you see that there aren’t enough cleaning supplies? Don’t wait for someone to ask you, remember that the Lord’s house when you’re off doing your shopping.
Did you see a child doodling with a pen on the church chair? Go over and take the pen away from them.
Did you see a light on unnecessarily, go over and ask someone to switch it off.

It would be great if you could share your ideas here on the blog, for that opens up our minds to see certain things that we hadn’t perceived before.

P.S: The photo above is of members, assistants and pastor’s wives in Houston (USA) that came together when a storm tore the church ceiling in May of 2010 and water began entering the church… Notice their tired yet satisfied faces.


  1. Good evening,
    I do agree with you.
    I am not perfect and have many things to chance, but I can not stand when I go to toilet and see people leaving the water running after they used it. Or they know there is a bin there to throw used paper, and they still throw it on the floor. I can see see and still not accept these when people do it at my workplace, but not in the house of God where we should really present yourself very well, in everything.If the Spirit Of God really guides us, then will be seen in every action.We expect the best from God, but what do we offer Him?
    Today I have realised that too often I tell my husband that I love him. Nothing wrong with this!He doesn't tell me too often. But compared with me, he shows me love in every action towards me. And me, who tells so often that I love him, in many of my action I do not show this.
    The same is with God. We use words at no costs, but what we really feel is shown in our actions. And the small actions which we consider insignificant proves who we really are. When we ignore small things we bring big problems. When we deal with small things we make a big difference.
    God bless us and change us all!

  2. Very true mrs Nanda.i beleive when one is born of God ,has the love to take care of the house of his father,if not then something is wrong .is not part of us children of God,we are loving and mercyfull just as our father.i remember very well ,i was just a few month in the church,Bishop announced at the end of the service if any one is willing to assist the church with cleaning product,i thout to my self no way this church is really pulling our pocket,i just gave my offering and now to buy cleaning product for the church? and i really dint give any
    after a while in the church,something spoke to me,you always buy your cosmetics and when you realised you mised one,you go back to the shop but when last did i buy something for the house of God?mrs nanda that day i felt guilty and i began to remember what bishop Junior said.from that day whenever i have the condition i always buy some thing for the house of my father because i believe is my rensposibility.



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